Fulfillment Friday – Breaks

Hi ya’ll. I totally planned on posting last night, but the mint choc chip ice cream and random tv distracted me and no one wants a sticky key board, right?

Excuses excuses. I needed a break and speaking of breaks, I’ve had one from fulfillment fridays! This happens to be the source of my fulfillment, too, as breaks allow us to sort of step back out of routine and come back a bit more energetic and appreciative!

So, this week my breaks have been from…

  1. Regular school days. This week we had the BELOVED CST testing which allowed me to come into school and chill out as the students took their exams. I didn’t have to plan this weekend (oh thank the Lord. You know that if I didn’t feel like RUNNING, then I definitely did not feel like planning). I came home, vegged, obvs had ice cream…and got in some amazing runs.
  2. Blogging. I haven’t posted much. I think it was because I had a stressful few weeks and felt it difficult to really write without a downer moment. I knew I’d get out of my little rut, but I didn’t want to be Ms. Negative Nancy in the blog world…you all know a blog that ends up like that 🙂 Beautiful the way it works because this break allowed me to appreciate how much the writing means to me, comments from you, and see that there are more things that I’d like to touch upon besides running…like um FAITH. I felt for awhile that I had to “hide” that aspect (shame shame) in anticipation of those who, well, don’t see eye to eye with me on that. Not necessary to think like that. So, I hope to share more about that and how it helps me daily (and helped in the past). I digress…

In taking breaks from certain things, I realized there has been things that I should NOT be taking a break from. Those are…

  1. Church. I do not even need to address that. In the past few weeks (crazy how it turns out) that when I take a break from God, I am stressed out, unfocused, and struggling…


Wednesday was a cross training day! I did my circuit workout and it felt great. However, my legs were screaming on Thursday with new muscles working. I hope to incorporate this into more workout days to see progress!

Thursday I had a track workout at the treadmill. I had planned 6 x 800s with 10 min w/u and c/d. Man, my legs were dying during the mile warm up. I was thinking “holy crap, how are they gonna punch these out!?” Then, miraculously, I tuned out the negative thoughts and turned up the heat. I did my 800s at 4 mins ( 8 min/mile), slightly faster than Mcmillan pace which was encouraging. I haven’t had a race in a bit that has modified my paces, but if I am feeling it and can complete it from the 1st 800 to the 6th 800, that has to say something, right?

Gosh, how are all of you?? I have been reading your blogs, but haven’t been a good commenter!! Good luck to those running a race this weekend! I have BAY TO BREAKERS which I will talk about tomorrow 🙂 Woo! Friday dance.

What have you realized you needed to take a break from? Or, alternately, what have you realized you took a break from when you shouldn’t have?

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5 Responses to Fulfillment Friday – Breaks

  1. mint chip ice cream is totally a legit reason for not posting 😉

    i definitely took a break from reading for fun this semester which was NOT a good idea. reading for even 30 minutes before bed is such a good un-winder and i totally shouldn’t have let my stress get to me that much that i would think to ditch the reading!

  2. BostonRunner says:

    I totally agree with the comment above!! And I need to take a break from studying : (

  3. i need to take a break from thinking about stupid things and use my time more efficiently. i do NOT need to take a break from “me” time. i need to know what is good for me whether it be stretching, exercising, journaling, etc.

  4. kbwood says:

    WOW i love how hoest you are girl!!! I totally need to take breaks from time to timee. BUT like you, the minute i turn away from God, I AM MISERABLE!!! You got it goin on-this life can be stressful but you KNOW God will pull you through! love ou!

  5. it’s great that you know what is important to you, what keeps you grounded and ready to keep truckin on in life…i highly doubt that your blog would ever turn negative nancy or preachy or anything like that, and you should def feel free to express yourself and your faith because it is YOUR blog!!!!

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