I’m back!! Woo. Although it has only been a couple days since I posted last, lots to say from my little corner of the world.

A few weeks ago I mentioned certain things that runs cannot fix. Instead, runs give you the time to think through certain situations and allow you to evaluate whether you need to take action and what that form of action will look like. Maybe it was the 12 miler during the week that gave me a lot of time to think? Who knows. What resulted for the rest of the weekend was letting go of control, passing on the worrying to God, and just allowing myself to be open to whatever would come my way. The last few days have been much better, less stressful, and even if some stresses creep in, I’ve been pretty quick to nip it in the butt. We can all tell that the end of the school year is so so close and teachers are tired πŸ™‚

Thursday, I did my planned track workout. It was one that I have yet to do before and I LOVED IT. It was 1 mile warm up, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 and 1 mile cool down. I actually enjoyed it (maybe that’s a sign that I could have worked harder). Maybe what I enjoyed the most was the reverse switch between pace and distance. As my distance was getting shorter, I got to increase the pace knowing that the next distance was even shorter. In the past, I’ve either repeated the same routine ( like 6 x 800’s) or increased distance and slowed pace. Both are mentally taxing, but for some reason I was able to push through this one.

During my run on Tuesday, I also realized I’d like to get back into yoga. It had been months since I went to my local yoga studio and knew it was overdue. After my track workout, I relaxed then walked to yoga. There was a substitute teacher, but she was awesome! A win situation. It felt amazing to stretch out after the week’s workouts.

Friday I vegged. Deserved that.

Oh Saturday. How you surprised me so! I had missed out on my Saturday morning San Francisco runs for the past couple weekends, so I really couldn’t wait to get up early and drive into the city. [Side note: I’m secretly liking my long runs during the week. Why is beyond me. Maybe it’s the adrenaline I get for Wednesday knowing I just had a kick butt run the day before]. I basically was planning on doing whatever the rest of the girls were doing. I didn’t really have a set amount that I needed to do. We headed up from Ocean Beach into Golden Gate park, running to Stanyan and heading back. This overlapped a bit with the Bay to Breakers course from last week, except this week we got to experience the UPHILL along with the DOWNHILL. [Side note: I came to another conclusion. I also secretly like uphills with the satisfaction that I am going to turn around and destroy it downhill]. It was great to talk with the ladies – new faces and familiar faces. We did 8 miles @ a 10:12 min/mile pace, chatting up a storm!

Later on in the day, I received tickets (THANK YOU!!!) to the Oakland A’s/ San Francisco Giants game today! These tickets were AMAZING and I could not have been more grateful. We were FIVE rows back and I could see the players faces πŸ˜‰ I love love love baseball, so this was like a dream day for me. So close!!

I didn’t crop the men’s faces out. Woops. Whatever.

I had a total blast. Again, such a pleasant surprise that this worked itself out. It was completely worth scrapping my to-do list for!

Someone totally heard my prayers from last weekend. I feel like I am on an upswing πŸ™‚

So, tomorrow is the LOST finale. Gasp. BAH.

AND I am going kayaking!! Hope you are all doing well.

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4 Responses to Upswing

  1. BostonRunner says:

    When I visited San Francisco a couple of summers ago, I went to an Oakland A’s game! It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun!

  2. I’m definitely going to try that track workout! I think I would like mixing up the distances like that.

  3. Sounds like a great week! I like doing cut-down workouts like that. Just got to push through a little further with the school year, too! Do you teach summer school or do you get a real break?

  4. jeri says:

    great job on the track workout. I agree that’s the perfect way to do them with longest to shortest. In HS we used to have to do pyramids where we started with shortest, went up to the longest and went back down. Those. Sucked.

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