Fulfillment Friday – Being present

are you still there? I know it’s been almost a week since I last posted, but for good reason! This week we had a four day week (give it up for Memorial day weekend!), but our freshmen field trip was Wednesday to Thursday. As a result, I only taught two days this week! What a treat, for sure.

My theme for fulfillment friday this week is being present. Last Saturday after the baseball game, I went to mass. As I sat there, I knew this was what I was missing when my level of stress went awry for a few weeks. It is always a relief when you realize what *thing* was out of balance in your life and know how to get back on track. You see, when I couldn’t figure out what was causing the stress, that caused more stress and a cycle was created. When I went to mass and listened to the homily, he spoke about sitting, waiting, and listening. So simple. Yet how often does that happen? I often get caught up in the to-do list, the structured plans, and as a result, I lose sight of what their purposes were and instead of seeing things the way you used to view them, things appear a bit murky. This go attitude caught up to me and caused a crash.

With recognizing that I was burnt out, I allowed the past week to just be present and listen. I had a lot to “get done” before the school field trip, but as I took the step back and identified why I needed to do these things, the frustration went away.

Well, let me put into bullet point where my fulfillment came from this week.

  1. Almost a week off from running. GASP. What!! I know I know. “Aren’t I training?” Well, yes. I realized that the things I needed to get done on Monday and Tuesday evening were much more important and it took a lot to recognize that. “You mean running is NOT the priority?” I asked myself. and I answered with a “Um no. How about where you are going to live in a month? Yeah that’s a priority.” [More to come on that another post]
  2. Field trip. Three teachers and I took 20 students to an overnight outdoor retreat high ropes course for two days. I had such a fantastic time last year and looked forward to it this year. The students were so well behaved and the two days were a breathe of fresh air as I witnessed students challenge themselves. We had a campfire, roasted marshmallows, and sang songs to a co-workers acoustic guitar. This is completely out of the students element and a first for any sort of camping adventure. Zip-lining after climbing up a challenging course? Rock climbing? Crossing a tightrope? Yeah. Many of us have not even done that before.  The experience was humbling and gives you the energy to finish the school year.
  3. Kayaking. Sunday, I had the opportunity to go kayaking with a group of 8 friends. We went to Tomales Bay in Marin County and enjoyed two uninterrupted hours on the water. So beautiful. The adventure continued as we went hiking to a beer garden that was set away in the woods as if it was a secret! We picnicked and enjoyed a beer. Best Sunday in a long time.
  4. Lost. I will miss thee. I stayed up late Sunday to watch and have spent the past few days thinking through the end. This number on my list does not compare to the other three, but it was still a significant event in the week considering I devoted many many days and conversations in the past on this subject 🙂 It is not the fancy for all, I know. But it was different and I appreciated how it kept me on my toes unlike any other show I’ve watched in the past.

In full disclosure, I wrote a post two days ago before leaving for my trip absolutely frustrated with the idea that I wasn’t going to run in 5 days. I decided to save as a draft and pause on publishing. The content circled around frustrations with being pinned to a training plan and feeling “exercise guilt” if the training plan is not executed. Everyone experiences those setbacks when the training plan does not work well with life some weeks. Instead of publishing, I decided to wait until I had a chance to run again and then write a post. The DIFFERENCE in the two posts are remarkable and I am glad I didn’t publish the heated one.

I headed out for a 6 mile easy run this am and started off my 4 day weekend right. No watch, lo siento. I have a half marathon next weekend embedded in my training plan for America’s Finest in San Diego in August.  I am excited to run it with some great girls and continually tell myself that it’s a training run.

I apologize for the spotty posting. Once the school year ends, I have a couple ideas and things I want to write about more on the blog and changes I want to make with it. BUT my students take priority for the next three weeks, so devoting time to that will be put on the back burner.

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4 Responses to Fulfillment Friday – Being present

  1. glad that the students were well behaved. if i remember correctly from my younger days, those trips can easily go the other way! i vaguely remember having hotel security called on me and my friends during our washington dc trip in 8th grads haha

  2. BostonRunner says:

    haha I definitely agree with above. That’s great that your students were so cooperative!
    I looove kayaking!

  3. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    hope life keeps going at a steady pace and you keep rolling with it all! lots going on in your life for sure!

  4. jeri says:

    I heart lost and will miss it immensely as well. Nothing wrong w/taking a little break from training to accomodate other priorities. 🙂

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