More randomness

[Disclosure: This post became quite random because I drank a latte that just kicked in. Apologies.]

A few weeks ago, I started writing a post then took it to another direction, because it became too much for the content of one post. Inspired by the Who’s “Who are you?”, I wanted to write about other things that I consider myself to be (or things that I am not) besides a runner. Although a person is greater than the sum of their parts, it might be a fun way for me to express myself in other ways to ya’ll, have a laugh, and hear about some things that you are. Whatcha think? Either way, I’m doing it. Stubborn willed I am. Oh, and modest since who doesn’t want to talk about oneself and their experiences. I kid i kid.

I am going to create links to previous entries in my journey section. I’ll make this a focus for June and then occasionally afterwards.  For those who cross paths with my blog later down the road, I figure this will be a form of procrastination. 🙂 and a way for me to babble about events, people, interests…etc. Onwards. Look out for this soon.


Can I get an Amen for Memorial Day weekend?? The past few days have allowed me to just chill, run, and enjoy company of friends. Best way to spend the weekend. Today’s 9 miler was fantastic, yet hotter than normal! Who am I kidding…it’s been cold and crappy this May. I shouldn’t be complaining that the sun decided to show itself. I ran ahead and marked the course. I remember doing this in the fall for the group and my legs HATED stopping randomly, squatting to write arrows and distances, then getting back up and repeating that cycle. Legs felt shot early on, but I trekked through. My garmin’s battery crapped out in the car while it was loading satellite, so I went by effort. Sigh. Someday soon I’ll pace myself. (read: tomorrow).

This week is an itty bitty taper, as Saturday is See Jane Run half. It feels that every time I turn around, there’s a race. Ha. All’s good.

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2 Responses to More randomness

  1. you are a racing machine! way to trek though your legs feeling a bit dead today. can’t wait to see other aspects of your life too

  2. BostonRunner says:

    I don’t know how you do race after race – I admire you! Great job getting in the 9 miler and push through the heat!

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