I am…a mid-westener at heart.

Student: “Ms. say that word again?”

Me: “What word?”

Student: “The word where we could hear an accent.”

I get this a lot from my students. They wonder where the heck I am from because some words sound like I am from New York (which is correct), then they get a little confused with all the other words…how my pronunciation of certain words with “o”, or how often times there are random regressions back to an accent that one would have thought I would have kicked by now – Indiana/Hoosier/Mid-West.

Why, hello! Yes, I lived in Indiana for about ten years, then spent a good ten+ in NY. [Born in Staten Island, but moved to IN when I was a year old]. This is a random fact for many of those who have known me. In all my time in NY and now CA, Indiana always seems to creep back into my life. Brothers’ colleges, sports team, random acquaintances who somehow have a connection to the state or the drive through the mid-west…[oh the drive on 80!].

It is safe to say that when I moved from New York to Indiana when I was 10, we never really left. There were only a couple years that we didn’t cross paths with the state, but surely made up for it when my brothers attended colleges there.

Being raised in the mid-west may appear to those as “boring”, but from my memories, boring was anything but how one would describe mine and my brothers’ childhood. Fairly active little kiddos having participated in multiple sports  – soccer, swimming, ice skating [yes, i figure skated.], played instruments like the violin and took many road trips to many neighboring states and to the south. We lived across the street from an open field and were very tight with the families in the neighborhood – birthday parties, bbq’s, pick-up sports games. We could and did walk to elementary school, (and would have walked to high school if we stayed long enough), grocery store and shopping centers, candy stores, ice cream, and the town pool and rec center.

In the fall, I will be attending my childhood best friend’s wedding in the town where I grew up. While I am there, I will get to see those who were in my classes through fourth grade, kids at the slumber and pool parties, soccer teammates, and those who I am sure will tilt their head, squint their eyes, and try to recall my name as “the girl who moved away after 4th grade” :).

Funny to think what life would be like if I stayed there, ya know. I wonder about that often.

Where were you born? and are you living in the same state that you were born in?


I moved some of my workouts around this week so as not to place my track and tempo runs too close to the half marathon on Saturday. My tempo workout was this morning – a 5 miler @ long tempo pace. I brought my watch with me today and clocked in around 47:45 so @ 9:33 pace. There were some gradual hills and a couple steeper ones, so I am pretty impressed with the time.

Happy Memorial Day!

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4 Responses to Mid-westener

  1. Great run!

    I was born in southern Pennsylvania, and I currently live in Baltimore, MD…so only about an hour away! But the two areas are very very different. I enjoyed growing up where I did, but I definitely want to stay in Maryland for good.

  2. i was born and raised in MA and even though my area (suburb) doesn’t have the boston accent whenever i’m around people who do i get one OR when i’m with people from a totally different part of the country i get one just to prove that i’m from MA haha. i’ve been told that i have a slight southern drawl though…weird

  3. BostonRunner says:

    I was born in Massachusetts and have always lived here. I can’t imagine moving, I even go to college only 30 minutes from home, but I admire people who have the courage to explore other areas during/ after school.
    Like Karen, I don’t technically have a Boston accent since I live in the suburbs, but sometimes when I travel people think I do.. it’s questionable haha

  4. jeri says:

    midwest girls for life! 😀

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