Filled with optimism

I am…filled with optimism.

A few weeks before I decided to begin a blog, I took time to write to myself my goals. Some of them are quantitative while some are qualitative. I think in reading my goals, you will gain more insight into who I am and what I value. Now, some of these things I have yet to do – obviously, it is only half way through the year. But, I wanted to post this because it made me laugh, smile, and even nod at my past self in agreement that THIS is what I needed to read after bouncing back from a burnout in May. I am speaking to my future self with the stubborn, straight to the point attitude that I would be receptive to…crazy.

Here it goes: [full disclosure: i wrote this without the intention of grading myself, catering it to the blog world, etc. It’s all me]

2010 – A year of love for yourself and to others.

For yourself

  1. Prayer
    1. Search for your quiet place, whether this is in your apartment, at a coffee shop, at church. Pray.
    2. Yoga. Go back. Try a new venue if you like. Try it at home.
    3. Meditate. Remember how wonderful this can feel if you listen and lay down.
    4. Don’t feed your soul with negativity. I know this is hard to think about, but you can do this. Look for the little bit of positive that may be occurring. This positivity could simply be that you are surviving it. Remember, God is there during the storm if you believe that he is.
    5. Write. Use your journal. Now, you don’t want to commit to writing a certain amount per day, but looking back to the times you have written, they are very powerful when you find a difficult time ahead.
  2. Read
    1. Go through those books you’ve received as gifts. Set a goal. Start with a book a month, then try to beat that goal. Take some time to read without the TV on, with your phone and computer off. Take a chance on books that you might find interesting. Borrow from the library (but remember to bring them back 🙂
    2. Go to a coffee shop or bar with a book and call it an afternoon. You may find someone or something that catches your eye.
  3. Run
    1. This past year was a milestone in your life. Many changes happened. Don’t let your leg discourage you as you enter the new year. Keep in shape until your leg heals…but when it does, here are some lofty, yet attainable goals for you to pursue.
    2. Two half marathons. Spring – Less than 2:13. Shoot for your 2:10 goal. Summer – Bring on a new PR. Judge what that PR would be based upon how the previous half goes. Dream big, Ker!
    3. 5K and 10K training – in between races, work on your speed work. A 5K at a 9 min/pace? 8:30 min/pace? Work it. 10K – 55 min. Bring it on. Be excited that you LOVE racing and training, pushing yourself to the limits. Keep a couple races in mind, but have some spontaneity.
  4. Health
    1. While running and training, have fun! Don’t get too hung up on working out every day. Try new activities if that means you “give up” the gym rat routine for a day. Use this as an opportunity to continue hiking with friends, navigating new roads, going to the beaches…integrate health into other aspects of your life.
  5. Travel
    1. I think it is safe to say that you did a fair share of navigating southern california. Go back! Take the PCH again. Stop in Big Sur, San Luis Obispo, Monterey… or some place new.
    2. Northern Cal? How many mornings do you wake up and want to go to the cliffs or the beaches? GO! Plan on waking up early, pick a route, and drive. Grab a coffee, set up the garmin, bring a jacket and camera and you are GOLDEN. Who cares if you get there and it sucks. Trust me, it won’t.
    3. Take the weekends for day trips. These could be to random cities. See if they have a museum you want to go to. By putting yourself out there, you will be happier. It is ok if you begin by going alone. Soon your stories and sense of adventure will be contagious and you will attract the type of people that will want to take these trips too.
  6. Career
    1. You love the kids. Although they can be little pains in the asses, realize that this year you are so much more in love with your profession and that this COULD be something you might want to settle into for a few years.
    2. Make it work. If this means switching up some routines to be happier, than do it. Start bringing your gym back with you. Tell more students to stay after school. Help them. Be more meaningful in the time you take to plan. Go to more of their games. Call it quits sometimes when you are working at home or after school.
    4. SAVE MONEY!
  7. Relationships
    1. Don’t be afraid of it. Put yourself out there and see where it takes you. If you takes you in and spits you out, learn from it and move on.
    2. Take the initiative and be honest with how you feel. If it is working for you, then let it. If it is not working for you, let it go.
    3. Give people second chances, but guard your heart. Until there is no sense of sadness, you have to think of yourself first.
    4. Reach out to old friends. Be better at touching base and keeping in touch.
  8. Reflect
    1. Remember how far you have come on your own out in California. You will have days of doubt, frustration and sadness. But you will have mesmerizing moments of happiness. Don’t let the darkness put out that light.

[Well, 3 sidenotes. 1st – I forget to return library books. and 2nd – A clear credential is for teaching, basically saying that I am good to go and passed/done what I’ve needed to do for the state. 3rd -2 half marathons…kicking bootay with that one]

I can say that writing that to myself in January was very difficult, but it was the honest truth in what I needed to hear now. Some of them I have been really good at, while in some I need to work extra hard. This brings a lot of the optimism that I need 🙂

What are some of your goals for the year? or When have you had to be brutally honest with yourself? or What has brought you some unexpected optimism in your life?

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9 Responses to Filled with optimism

  1. my biggest goal is to move on from my family and live on my own. sure i have smaller goals with running, jobs, school etc but i want to be fully independent.

  2. thanks for sharing this, it DID offer a lot of insight into you! I love the one about “don’t feed your soul with negativity”. That’s actually something I’m working on right now. That along with patience…and training for a marathon without getting hurt 🙂

  3. eatspinlive says:

    What a great post girl! I loved reading it! For me, when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, it lead me to a whole new outlook on life! I realized that sometimes I took things for granted and just how blessed I am for everything God has given me in my life! I definitely have a whole new kind of optimism now 🙂

  4. Chloe says:

    great list! just found your blog and am excited to read more.

    and some of my goals for this year are to be a better example of Christ at work and to run two half marathons of my own this fall. That and to continue to strive to be a better wife.

    hope this wednesday treats you wel!

  5. I think this is so important: “Look for the little bit of positive that may be occurring.”

    I just spent months job hunting, and it was way too easy to get discouraged. There were some days when I just felt totally defeated. And then a completely unexpected opportunity came up that was perfect for me, and within a week and a half I was beginning a new job…wow! So even when things seem really bleak, you just never know what might turn up…so keeping that optimism is important!

    Thanks for sharing this list!

  6. Darren Poke says:

    Great list and well done on your progress so far.

    Amongst other things, on my list for 2010 is:

    Start a personal development blog – tick

    Lose 12 kgs – 7 down, 5 to go, tick so far

    Read 10 great books – 5 down, 5 to go, tick so far.

    2010 will be the best year yet, keep going!



  7. Great goals! Really helps to keep things in perspective. And optimism is the biggest asset one can have.

  8. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    My goal is to re-find myself and seek passion. These are huge tips that I’ll certainly need!

  9. Stefanie says:

    What a great post! Before I started my blog and training, I wrote goals for myself as well, so that I can be honest with myself during my training. It’s already been helpful.

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