Much needed lift.

I am happy to say that SUMMER IS HERE. It has been hard to focus on the fact that I am OFF for awhile (despite 4 weeks of summer school only 2.5 hours a day…that is nothing!) since I have been packing and moving for the majority of the weekend. Sigh, but not going in today allowed it to kick in! What do I do with my summer months?


Gosh, that felt so good to say. With a new living situation, some summer months off, and a humbled spirit, I am in the process of figuring out how to utilize my summer to its highest potential. This is the luxury of my job, but for good reason. It is a go go go feeling for so long and the summer months allow us to rebound and prevent burnout. (I totally understand that there are MANY jobs that would require this time to recharge too!)

I am really excited to hear what you would do if you had the summer months off and needed to get a hold of your bearings again.

A couple things on my list so far (with excitement to hear and possible try out yours)…

  • Yoga
  • Strength training
  • Kickboxing!!
  • Day trips / Road trips
  • Hikes
  • Some good reads
  • Healthier eats
  • BBqs
  • …and of course, whatever running my body will allow.

Today, I went to my FIRST (gasp) lifting class.  I said to myself that I might as well use this opportunity to try those classes out that my teaching schedule didn’t allow during the year and use it as an opportunity to strengthen the areas that are causing my iliotibial band to be tight. But, I am going to be SORE tomorrow! Damn, this was more than a “much needed lift”. I felt challenged and sweaty. It was awesome and I cannot wait to look at the other classes that I can attend now, including kickboxing! (Hear that, Maritza! I want to go with you!)

ok, I want to hear your suggestions!

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6 Responses to Much needed lift.

  1. wooooooooooot summer. except not because i liked the peace and quiet of having my sibs at school haha

  2. em says:

    yay for summer!
    i love pilates and bodysculpting (it’s a blend of cardio and weights….INTENSE!)
    hope you heal quickly! ♥

  3. So exciting you now have the summer off!!

    I need to get better about lifting. I planned on doing it twice a week during this training cycle and that lasted all of one week!!! Haha

  4. BostonRunner says:

    Good luck with your lifting class! and YAY for summer!
    My list of things to do would look very similar to yours – with emphasis on yoga and reading!

  5. gavrielski says:

    Hooray for the summer off! My list would also be similar to yours, especially hiking and going on some road trips. I would also explore new neighborhoods (your new one, maybe?!) and do fun, exciting things. And, of course, RELAX! Enjoy!

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