With the help of two students, a u-haul, and a strong latte, all of my belongings were comfortably moved into my new place.  What an empowering feeling to know that I’ve arranged this whole move! From transporting my belongings in multiple trips in my vehicle and selling some larger items on craigslist, I whooped this move into shape.  One of those “I’m a big kid now” moments. HA.

I’ve flipped back and forth between roommates and living alone. For the last two years, I’ve lived by myself and I think that worked really well because of the transition and the decompression space that I needed after work. Now that I have found myself in an enjoyable rhythm at work and have adjusted to the Bay, it was time to get the finances under control. There were two options – downsize and still live by myself or split a place with shared space.

Throughout college, I really liked the concept of roommates, but a college dorm style never really worked where bedrooms where shared. Coming off of “eh” experiences, I ended on a more positive note with an apartment shared with two other girls, but I had my own room. That seemed to work the best and as much as I have L-O-V-E-D my own place, I do miss people and hosting events, having bbqs in backyards, cooking together…and just random new connections. Many people who know me are probably like “But you enjoy living alone…you hated roommates…you need your space..and on and on”, but here is a confession: it can be really really lonely. As much as I love my space, I hate loneliness more. During the past two years, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of loneliness and it is not character of me. As finances got tighter this spring and cutting back on social outings due to monetary reasons, I knew what I needed to do and found great support from some of my closest friends in the Bay (as well as from family and friends from home). My new house is shared between me and two other girls in their late 20s –  a match made in craigslist heaven. Hardwood floors, backyard, bay windows, great family neighborhood to run in right near trails and easy access to the highways, restaurants within walking distance, and closer to my school.

I am happy to say that because of my move I will hopefully be able to save $400+ a month (including utilities that were paid only be me) and put that to paying off loans, saving for a vacation, a couple excursions in the Bay, yoga classes, race fees and most importantly, actually having a savings account. And what perfect timing than SUMMER.

[Disclosure: It took the whole month of May to bring me to this point. I am happy I am here now, but I apologize for being a headache as I looked, stressed, looked some more, stressed about the place I just looked at…etc. I’m glad you didn’t abandon me during my depressive outbursts.]

I believe this move will be a great way for me to “get myself together” that I referenced in yesterday’s post. Thanks for the support and suggestions on what you would add or support on my list!

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One Response to Ch-ch-changes

  1. BostonRunner says:

    I’m definitely a fan of living with people, but having your own room. I like to be surrounded by people generally, but I also like to have my own space I can go to to get away..

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