A new routine

I am experiencing the “I just began lifting” sore.

But I am loving it.

Last week, I decided to shift my focus in working out from it being heavily cardio based (as it has been for gosh…years…) to a more equal balance between strength and cardio (let’s say 60/40 cardio to strength). This has always been on my mind during the months of running, but I would always choose running.

Can you blame me? It is much easier for me to lace up my shoes and go outside then it is to haul booty to the gym and do a routine when I am not too familiar with the ins and outs of weight training. Being in the weight room for the first couple of times can be daunting as I start lifting the weights either incorrectly or with the inappropriate amount of weight, so what do I chose to do?

Take the lifting class. I did one that was pure lifting last Monday and today, and one on Wednesday that was a combination of cardio and strength. But it gets BETTER…

…I remembered some of the techniques and routines from the classes to incorporate into my Saturday workout. I even added walking lunges (because I can since I have a long hallway in the house I moved into! and you better believe I felt those all day Sunday). As I continue the lifting classes and break out into the actual weight room, I will post about the routines that I am doing. And trust me, I will be weight-room confident in no time…just like it took a bit of time to be runner confident, ya know.

The more I get so pissed off about my IT band, the more I am set on using this time period to really strengthen my body, especially the core. I always always always would skip out on core work or weights after a run because I “thought” the run was “good enough” (I know I am not alone on that…we come home and veg out). Welp, well there’s one reason for my injury.

I really appreciated everyone’s energy in response to my last post. I am kinda excited to be a spectator for the first time at the San Francisco Marathon. I know SO MANY people running it and I would love to cheer and support 🙂

What is your favorite core exercise? Are you weight-room confident?

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6 Responses to A new routine

  1. LOVE that feeling. sometimes i wish that i could feel it everyday hah

  2. I get into phases about once a year will I will hardcore lift weights. Back in 2008 I went through a four-month phase where I lifted every day for 45-60 minutes!! I LOVE the feeling I get after a hard strength workout.

  3. HATE planks and pushups but I force myself to do them bc they’re so effective…and it’s encouraging to see improvement! good luck with your strength training!

  4. BostonRunner says:

    I’ve been trying to work on more strength training too! I totally agree though that it’s way easier to just go out and run, even though the feeling after strength training is so amazing. I find that I get bored with weight lifting or can’t think of anything to do. That’s why I’ve been doing (and loving) the Shred. It’s forcing me to stick with strength for 25 minutes and I like having a set routine. I also think this has motivated me to want to do more strength on my own. I think the key for me is thinking through/writing down exactly what I want to do before hand so I don’t skimp out or have a mental block of what to do next.

  5. jeri says:

    I’m so intimidated by the weight room. Kudos to you for getting after it.

  6. I love that feeling too! Honestly I have had strength training worked into my workouts (because I just do hardcore workout DVDs every day–no gym) that I have not been sore in FOREVER! Which is bad because it obviously means my body isn´t being pushed anymore… but I just took a two week vacation and only ran (no weights) and now that I am back at it I am sore as heck… but it feels good 🙂

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