Catching up!

I’ve been MIA about posting my workouts! I definitely sweated this week…but not because of running.

Week in review:


  • Lift
  • Spinning
  • Hike with roommates 🙂


  • Core
  • Kickboxing


  • Circuit Interval

Thursday off


  • 10 min warm up cybex, lower body lift, 7 min cool down rowing
  • Spinning


  • Kickboxing
  • Lift

By the looks of things, I am embracing the opportunity to branch out into different exercises and classes.

Kickboxing. I took my FIRST kickboxing class on Tuesday and I went again today and caught on a bit more. I suspect it will be a handful more of classes to get the kickboxing language down! This is right up my alley and the energy level keeps the HR up.

Spinning. I took two classes this week. A few years back, I would take lots of spinning classes. I am very excited to have the time to work them into my schedule (at least the summer schedule).

Lifting. I spoke about this in a recent post and cannot believe I never thought of incorporating this into my training plan. I certainly made small attempts, but nothing substantial. Today was my third lifting class and I am also getting down how they work so as to make sure I don’t burn out, but also know when I can push myself and add more weight. ALSO, I don’t feel like the new kid in town in this class, which is something I said after my first lift class.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken on a routine that was SO different than the past few months. To be completely honest, it is quite refreshing. The guilt of no running has its minimum appearances, but I am truly enjoying the chance to take the time that I ran and pour my energy into another exercise outlet.

Since I’m on summer hours, I have the opportunity to search out different classes and times and even different venues than my normal gym. I recently found this bootcamp that is at a very reasonable price for a month and it is something I am really considering.

Since I have very little statistics for June, I thought it’d be better to shift focus to what I CAN do in July. I think I broke things up pretty well up there that I want my month of July to consist of those lifting, kickboxing, and spinning classes. I also need to focus on core work. There will be NO expectations of running in this month. It is focused on strengthening. And if I can check out that bootcamp and it seems to fit with what I am looking for, then bring it on!

[Anyways, sorry for the overwhelming workout post. I’ve been on the go the past couple of days and haven’t had an opportunity to type. ]

HAPPY FOURTH! How are you spending your holiday?? I am going HIKING on Mt. Tamalpais! I’ve never been and I’ve heard the views are INCREDIBLE as seen in those photos!

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2 Responses to Catching up!

  1. gavrielski says:

    I hope you have fun on Mt. Tam–it’s one of my favorite spots! Which hike did you do? Enjoy the 4th! And classes are the best–so glad you’re enjoying them! 🙂 –Gavi

  2. BostonRunner says:

    I’m definitely embracing non-running activities lately and I love it! It’s a great break, I think I didn’t realize how much I needed a change. Lifting is so rewarding!

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