Like vanilla meringues…

Too much of a good thing can happen. And with meringues, it can lead to a stomachache.

That’s what happened with running.

Hello folks. I’m back. And although I said “I won’t disappear on you” in my list post, I did. If you take a look at my “Editing life” page, you will see that I’ve made some noticeable changes to my blog. New design. Simpler. And a broader focus than running.

You can bet that I am lacing up my shoes a few times a week, heading to the track or my usual locations, clocking in some longer runs, and spending money on running related items. You can bet that I still lift, like to read about running, talk running, and (now) coach runners. You can bet that I have signed up for some races, have my eye on a couple future races, follow blogs about running, and get way too excited in checking race results.

But here’s the difference. That is not ALL I am doing – I’m also being. Too much running led to an obvious imbalance. Removing running from my life for a few months left a lot of room –  for people, adventures, books, new interests, friendships, and overall space to grow.

My posts will be about my daily trials and triumphs, risks and rewards, frustrations and laughter…and maybe a couple runs.

…because when push comes to shove here, I am always running on faith…or maybe floating according to this picture.


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4 Responses to Like vanilla meringues…

  1. pen says:

    Welcome back! Glad to see you around again! 🙂

  2. Naomi says:

    i’m glad you’re back! i love reading your posts!

  3. Tara says:

    I am definitely feeling this post! I love running so much, but I feel like I definitely have room to grow. 2011 will bring lots of changes for this girl 🙂

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