Summer on the 1

Pacific Coast Highway: Check.

Last summer, I took a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) from San Francisco to San Diego with my brother, Michael. It has been an adventure of mine to complete the PCH from San Francisco to the tip of Washington State. I had the company of a co-worker who had done a similar route before and during the summer, I completed the 1.

Instilled in me at an early age was a love for car rides. My family drove everywhere when we lived in Indiana – trips from Indiana to New York to visit family, and Indiana to Florida (Indiana is obsessed with Florida)…Indiana to everywhere. As a result, I grew up (was trained) sitting in a car for longer periods of time. When I drove from New York to California, I realized how small my understanding of the United States was and since have tried at multiple opportunities to drive to new places. Completing the West Coast became a tangible dream and we took a week to drive up.

We went through Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State – making a few stops in each state and take pictures. Unfortunately, my coworker has many of the photos and I will get more from her camera asap. All I can say is that the beauty of this coast is humbling. My favorite view along the one belongs to the Big Sur; however, the continuous stretch throughout Oregon and Washington was amazing and a favorite. It was so…green.

We planned hikes in the Redwood National Forest and Olympic National Park, along with stops at the Oregon Dunes and the tip of Washington. Canada felt within our reach as we turned and dipped down into Seattle, ending our trip in Portland and back down to Oakland on the 5. As a result of completing highway 1, I’ve also completed highway 5. Highway 5 is “interesting” in itself, let’s just say. Enjoy the few pictures of my trip below.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to travel and embrace this traveling with others. Whenever I bring my car in, they always say “wow, you’ve put on some miles since you were last here” and it always makes me laugh when I think “well yes, let’s see…” as I reminisce about all the wonderful road trips I’ve had since my last oil change 🙂

Oregon Dunes

Oregon Coast

A beach along Olympic National Park

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One Response to Summer on the 1

  1. yay pacific coast highway! i saw a history channel special on it a while back and now want to travel to the east coast just to drive it

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