reverb#4: wonder

Prompt: How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

According to my mechanic, I did a lot of driving this year.  I forget the actual numbers, but it resulted in a few routine car services in the span of a year when they are usually spaced out a little more. If you have read the blog before, you know that I love to drive and road trips.

My sense of wonder was cultivated by exploring!

  • I  finished the Pacific Coast Highway with a trip to Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.
  • I ventured to Southern California for the Ragnar Relay with a team of 11 who later have become friends! (Shhh..we are teaming up again in 2011 for another go!) And most recently to Sacramento for another relay!
  • With one of my best friends, we took a spontaneous trip to Monterey and Carmel to enjoy the aquarium, cannery row, and beach!
  • A friend and I did LOTS of hiking this year. She accompanied me during the Pacific Coast Highway trip and did a lot of hiking in the Redwoods National Park and Olympic National Park. (A MUST for anyone venturing that way). We’ve stayed within the Bay Area to hike in Tennessee Valley, Muir Woods to Stinson Beach, Mount Tam, Claremont Canyon, Redwoods Regional Park, Tilden Park, and many more that escape me!


  • In a non-physical sense of exploration, I began attending a new church. I want to save this for another post with one of the upcoming reflections. Lots of great things are evolving as a result 🙂

The result of this sense of wonder is the purchase of a canon rebel for the new year to document my experiences!! Since driving out here and photographing the way, I’ve wanted a DSLR camera SO bad, but had a lack of funds for one. I cannot wait!

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