#11reverb: 11 things

Prompt: What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

(ok. so I skipped a few. this one caught my eye.)

At this time of the year we all turn our attention ahead to the new year. Guilty as charged. I have a tendency to look towards the new year hoping to do more, experience more, accomplish more. While that is great and I know I have much to look forward to, there is still a part of me that knows I need to make room for these wondrous things in my life. There are certain things that I know I do that hold me back from experiencing that which is in store. Let’s list them in the hopes that by acknowledging them, I will make an effort to eliminate them this year. It is a process so I know I am going to dream big here. It is a start – in no order specifically.

1. Technology – I always complain about “not having enough time” to do things. I loved the quote below that says, “then stop watching tv.” In this case it may not be tv, but I believe I can get an amen when I say that I check my phone, email, facebook, twitter, and blogs more often than I just sit back and listen to what I need to hear from myself! A lot of the information that I get from these resources feeds into the other items I need to work on below. With all the time that I spend doing these things, I think that takes away from checking in with myself. Now, I am by no means removing this from my life, I just believe there is a time to say “goodnight” to it all and take some time for myself. That’s all.

2. Overanalysis – I think too much about everything that I shouldn’t and not enough about what I should. I have to learn to take what people say at face value and not think too much into their words or actions. Take the energy that I do analyzing what others say and do, and place it into analyzing articles, books, or issues that I find confusing or want to learn more about. Just a thought.

3. Bigger, Better syndrome aka spending – I’ve done better in the past few months, then the holidays came. Suddenly I started eyeing everything and think ahead, materially, what I can get to make the new year better. Wait, wait, wait. This is about eliminating things, not adding! I need to put a freeze back on and be better at tracking my spending. This is a big thing that I am going to work on. In moving, I realized how many things I just do not use! A refresher to the memory is necessary and there are still boxes of items and clothes that can be donated if I find I am not using them.

4. Pre-occupation about others – See 1 & 2. I hope I’m not alone in this, because it has already come up three times and we are on number 4. Sheesh. I let the little things get to me! Really. I’d like to think that it is not a problem, but at times it can creep up when I least expect it. Usually once a month – ha. Of course, I do believe that others are important, but I need to think about myself sometimes.

5. Guilt – Usually follows when I discard others opinions (see above) and go with how I feel. A little cycle we got here, eh? Guilt is what gets me in situations when I feel I should or shouldn’t do something and it can be paralyzing. It is self-serving and can lead to anxiety. [I feel like I am diagnosing myself while explaining these things.] I gotta get off the guilt trip train.

6. Taking things for granted – Ya know that moment on the airplane when it gets a little bumpy…and you start the train of thought that makes you realize how blessed you are and that if I just get off this plane…yada yada yada? No? Just me then… I’ve grown to dislike the 6 hour flight home, but it puts my mind in that place of fear that makes me realize all that I have and should be thankful for. Pardon the airplane analogy. I just flew back yesterday and it was a bumpy ride.

7. Martyrdom – When things get difficult at work, or socially, or just in life, I tend to play the why me card. It doesn’t help the situation. If anyone has any advice about this one, then I’d love for you to share it with me.

8. The need to plan – I sometimes have things so structured, that there leaves time for just fun and the unpredictable!

9. Injury – OVER IT. [Post to follow about how that’s going]

10. Stress – I just need to let go of that which I cannot control. Enough said. Stress will always creep into my life. It is up to me how I respond and handle it.

11. Holding back – I have worked really hard at eliminating this when it comes to social outings. I used to just prefer staying at home and getting a good nights sleep, then planning with friends and staying out a bit later. Let’s keep working on this, yeah?

[Thanks for bearing with me as I totally took you into the mind of Kerry]

What are some things you hope to eliminate this upcoming year?

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