A do-over

I tweeted this morning that I needed to stop myself from wanting to run again today. With the hip feeling TREMENDOUSLY better and the swelling almost gone from the calf from the massage, I’ve been wanting to get out as often as I can!

But I know how this story goes if I don’t take the precautions. I’ve mentioned before that so far my only planned race is Ragnar! Since this is an expensive one, I have to realize that others won’t be in the picture until the summer. To be completely honest, it will be really difficult to follow a training plan with the semester I have planned ahead (post to follow!).Since Ragnar is all about endurance and is only usually in ~6 mile increments, I am going to enjoy the next few months of base building properly, with March beginning a spring and summer training plan.

I bought Jack Daniels Running Formula and have been enjoying it so much! It is this physiology teacher’s dream to read about the reasons for different workouts. For those who are not familiar with Daniels’ philosophy, he stresses longer training programs with phases in about 4-6 week increments depending on the timing of the race. I immediately found comfort with his Phase I ofbase building. Spending about 6 weeks establishing a base will bring me right to the beginning of March. Focusing on easy runs and a weekly long run is exactly what I am looking for to acclimate my body back to running.(ok ok. shhh…maybe oakland half march 27th, but that will be after I see how things go with phase I and where my long runs are).

During this base building phase, I also want to include two MAIN things that I FAILED to do last year.

  • PILATES (oh I’m going to do a post to express my love to pilates)

For every run I attempt, I should be doing something to balance out my body and the strain that is being placed on it. This will be a huge focus, especially in the beginning!

Because of time constraints with commitments after school, it usually difficult for me to complete a workout that takes more than an hour, especially if it is a run outside! Because of the sun setting, the longest run I can usually get in is around 45 minutes. What worked during cross country season, was splitting up the day with a before school morning workout (usually weights or spinning) and then run/pilates class after school.

I am trying to make my workout schedule STRESS FREE, what I need right now, and flexible! Since the base building phase only requires  30-45 minute runs, the lack of focus on pace will allow me to dismiss the frustration that comes with comparing where you were before you took time off! “What do you mean I can only do 3 miles?! I’ve done 10 at this pace!” Giving myself a few weeks to get back into it before I start looking at a legitimate training plan is what I need right now!

I need a do-over for every training that ended in an injury. I think this may be my TOP goal for 2011. Be patient.

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2 Responses to A do-over

  1. Patience is hard. I am so impatient too.
    Good luck to you!

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