Happy p(l)ace

Feeling great.

I think there are many things that are contributing to a rejuvenated demeanor over the past few weeks.

Over Christmas break I had a lot of time to just think  – think without pressure or a deadline. During that time I realized there were some things I needed to change. Some of those changes were pretty big – big purchases like classes, big time commitment…like classes, big career moves. While some of those changes were seemingly smaller, there were oh so necessary.

I had read somewhere that it takes TIME to create and break habits –  a couple of weeks if I am correct for some while months for others. I had written to grant myself some patience while working through those changes.

In doing so, I tried to move slowly and write out some targets/goals for each week, that in the grand scheme of things over a few weeks these would creep their way into my routine. Over the past two weeks, those goals that I wanted to accomplish aren’t necessarily the ones that brought the most satisfaction – it was more so what happened when I was busy making plans.  I feel a calm and a comfort that hasn’t existed in a long time. Some of my goals are those are listed above, but some have happened out of letting go. Crazy where things start to take you when you start to release some things...

I want to attribute the peace I feel to grace doing its work. Even though I’ve had two very busy weeks, they’ve been great. It is being spent with things that I want to do, not that I need to do. This makes it easier to go about the days and enjoy them. I can say that setting out my plans ahead of time helps to establish a purpose, and with that purpose a sense of fulfillment.

Plus, taking these photos are SO fun!

Give it a shot. Try putting down something you want to do over the next 21 days and see where it takes you.

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2 Responses to Happy p(l)ace

  1. Naomi says:

    i love happy places and i’m glad you found yours! that is a great rejuvenation list and i am loving all of your pictures. i’m going to need to ping you for advice when i’m ready to invest in a new camera!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! And congrats on your TWO! (Count ’em, TWO!) morning runs! I aspire to that discipline! 🙂

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