Taking my own advice

I’m so glad I wrote yesterday’s post when I did because today I woke up with what seems to be a 24 hour stomach virus. Needless to say, any and all plans for my Sunday were a complete wash and I lied around near the toilet on my bed for the whole day. I had a really great day planned, but it has been a reality check. Next time, I’d prefer one not so harsh to my digestive system 🙂

I, initially, was extremely frustrated. However, as I said yesterday, I’m feeling great and sometimes I have to remind myself that a day completely indoors is quite possibly what I needed instead of a planned outdoors day.

Anyways, today was what it was. Let me show you how yesterday went.

After a 6.5 mile run (yes, most in awhile!) at the beautiful Sawyer Camp in San Mateo, I went back into the city to take some pictures of Hayes Valley before getting a much needed haircut.

I had been out and about so much by 3pm, but the opportunity to make dinner and see The Fighter with a best friend  was too good to pass up. We found ourselves in Berkeley for a bit before heading back to cook.

I took some cool photos of us cooking last night, but my stomach still cannot stand to see the sight of food. I’ll save those for when I’m eating food besides gatorade, ginger ale, and saltines.

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