reverb17: Lesson Learned

Prompt: What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?

My grandma always says “Kerry, you gotta make your own good time.”

[Ok. Ok. Maybe dressing up like a member of Kiss and sitting outside a Coffee Bean at the Hollywood Walk of Fame is at the extreme end of “fun”. And yes this is my picture from two summers ago. I didn’t know we were at the walk of fame and was blown away with him sitting there, until I realized that many more people looked like that along this street.]

Only until mid-college did I start to understand that statement. Before then I would nod my head, but don’t blame me. In high school and college everything was nicely laid out for you – sports, after school, events, classes, mentors, students, volunteering. It was like they displayed for you the myriad options of what YOU could become and experience if you just picked a couple of things from the categories above.

Then you graduate.

There are no pre-categorized groups for you to choose from. No orientation. No meet and greets.

Just you. And yourself.

This took me so long to accept. I stumbled along for awhile only to realize this year that it is under my control WHO or WHAT I add or eliminate from my life. Although there is no longer a pre-arranged life, like in college, that you can select from, I find it so much more exciting now to move around and incorporate what I do want to do and delete what I do not want to do.

And yes, I am also talking about people. And it may seem cruel and un-Christianlike of me to say to cut people out from your life. But I’ve realized that there are those who are not looking out for your well being, when you may be cheering them on in theirs. That’s draining, toxic, and unnecessary. Move on. It hurts and its tough because your guilt is there. Instead fill your life up with people who are cheering you on too!

My grandma did have a point that it is under my control of what my definition of fun time is. If your current life does not fit what you want it to be, you have the power to work through and change it until it does fit your definition. In understanding that this is a process, I wholeheartedly accept that there will not be a clear resolution of wiping my hands dry and bam I’ve got my fun life! However, if you understand that it is you who controls it, you are ever ready to change that which is not working which is a powerful feeling!

Start small. A year long of small changes can result in some miraculous results. Here are some small changes from my year that added up to a large lesson learned!


… races and their medals.

…new cheerleaders in your life.

…new travels.

…fun hats (ok. we were making fun of the hat).

…sundays with roommates.

…relay teams and DONUTS at the end!



…pondering the confusing aspects of life.

…a lots of stops to smell the roses 🙂


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