Salvaging a craptastic week

It is safe to say that this week did not necessarily go as planned. Between my car vandalism and the stomach flu, the week got lost. However, during my afternoon run I realized that there were a bunch of wonderful things that happened amidst those really unfortunate events and that I should be thankful for them.

We have the power to change our perceptions.

Somehow that line got stuck in my head during my run and you know how that goes. Once you start thinking of something on a run, it starts sticking. About 45 minutes later, no one would have realized that my week started off craptastically by my behavior.

On Tuesday, I said that there are some things that you just need to let affect you and deal with it. I did my fair share of dealing by talking it out with some family, co-workers, and friends and by mid-day yesterday, my car was fixed and no one would have known that it had been broken. All I need are my decals replaced because that’s how I find my car in the parking lot 🙂

If I push aside my car and my stomach, my week was actually pretty fantastic.

Runs were great! I ran my first solo morning run in the neighborhood and on Wednesday met with FOUR friends for a morning run. It was quite the event. After the runs, we had “Waffle Wednesday” which usually happens each Wednesday except I am always on my way to work. Since I took the day off, I could attend so I spent my morning running and waffling. Today, I did a 4.5 mile neighborhood exploration of a run. I mapped my run and then tried the best I could to remember the names of the streets. I was running in the Oakland Hills and it was such a beautiful view!

Great reunions! One of my very close childhood friends was out here on Monday and we met up in Berkeley! It was great to see her and I got a couple cute shots!






I also met my cousin for dinner as she was out here for work! She had the opportunity to see my neighborhood and walk to a local place for dinner!

I admit that for some situations it is VERY difficult to focus on the positive and sometimes the dealing takes longer due to its priority in your life. In my experience, once the flu went away and car was fixed, there was no need to let it affect the rest of my week. I had the power to turn my week around and I feel I did.

Sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and sludge through the day, but if we have the opportunity to end the day on a  high note, then I say go for it! My attempts to salvage the week were to go on a fun run in the neighborhood and attend the high school youth ministry with some awesome 9th graders! How do you try to salvage your week/day?

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One Response to Salvaging a craptastic week

  1. Naomi says:

    i love that you still have such a positive attitude! i’m glad your week got better.

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