Confessions of a HS science teacher in Oakland

Since I have a semester left of teaching, I thought I’d document some confessions over the next few months, along with some memories and moments from teaching.

There were periods in the fall after daylight savings when I never saw sunlight during the week.

Backwards planning has transferred into my everyday life.

I only had 5 weeks of training before entering the classroom and the training was in Los Angeles.

99% of the time, I do not take things personally. My first year 1% of the time I did not take things personally. Learning curve.

My closet’s bookcase is a science library. I currently own all workbooks, textbooks, and binders full of curriculum about Anatomy and Physiology.

I would rather students groan and ask questions about assignments, than think it was easy and fun, even if it makes my day “harder”.

I have a student who brings me cookies or ice cream if she is late on Fridays. She is still marked tardy, but I get dessert.

Booboo is slang for pooh. “I couldn’t stay in the bathroom. Smells like booboo.”

Pardon my french, but shit got real over the past three years.

I loved every minute of entering a real classroom, sitting, and learning this past Saturday. I never appreciated it until I was the one performing in front every day.


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3 Responses to Confessions of a HS science teacher in Oakland

  1. this kind of makes me want to go into teaching. sounds like it was a very rewarding experience for you!

  2. em says:

    I always love your posts about teaching!
    This one gives me hope and inspiration, so thank you.
    Also, I think you mentioned you taught through Teach for America? How did you get involved with that?

  3. Cool post. It’s crazy how challenging, time consuming, emotionally draining, yet REWARDING teaching can be. I love reading about it!

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