Back to school

Since Christmas break, I have been adjusting to some new routines. Let me tell you a bit about them.

I’m running in the morning.

I cannot believe I am discovering this now. You mean I get to run and anticipate a hot coffee and breakfast every day?! Not just weekend runs?!

I always avoided morning runs because I was always amidst a training plan that called for more than a simple run and I never knew how to work that in and be ready for school by 7:30am. With a focus on increasing time on my feet rather than mileage for a few weeks, I have the time to fit in a 40 minutes run without stressing out or getting up insanely early.

I also could never find someone to run with in the mornings, but I’ve found some fellow runners who occasionally want to meet up in the morning! I’m developing “morning runner” confidence and have had a goal of a few morning runs a week.

I’m back to school.

I started two classes over the past week. They are a timely commitment, but I really do love them both. I feel so challenged and interested in the content. It feels amazing to be back in the classroom and be doing something for myself and for a future goal!

One of my favorite things to do is to sit down in a coffee shop for two hours and just be productive. I enjoy being around a college, especially Cal, during the week and meet new people! Although taking classes is stressful, I see it as moving my life forward and doing what I need to do.

I’m becoming a pilates regular.

I wrote about this the other day. I just attended my first Pilates Tower class! I alternate pilates and running, as I mentioned that those two are going hand in hand in my injury prevention pact to myself 🙂 So far so good!!

I’m taking time for myself.

All of these things are time commitments that I truly value and allow me to place my sanity first. Not an obvious confession, but from 8:15-3:15 my priority is never about me, and instead about 120 teens. It took awhile to realize that in order for me to flourish during those 8 hours, I needed to make sure that in the evening, mornings, and weekends, I relaxed and enjoyed myself.  Whether this is out with friends,

taking pictures,



french toast sundays,

I’m pretty content with how my schedule has shifted a bit and continue to embrace it.

What has appeared in your schedule since the new year?

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One Response to Back to school

  1. i love all these things. since the new year sleeeeep has been appearing in my schedule. and fun. like going out with friends and not worrying about work or school or anything like that. i love it.

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