where’d january go?

Before I take a glance at January, cheers to a good month.


In the beginning of January, I wrote about my gradual introduction of running back into my routine. The main focus was to increase time without a focus on the distance. I total my miles for the month and I get 65. If I were to comment on that a year ago, I would have laughed and yet, here I am feeling healthier and stronger. So I’ll laugh back.

I really cannot stress “previewing” a training program for a few weeks before starting the real meat of your training program. If a training program has a base building component built in, than that’s even better. In reading other’s blogs, I often come across them mentioning stresses, repetitive aches, and pains about a few weeks into their training. Hmm..maybe it is because some programs take them from 0-5 miles a week on their feet to 20 and then build from there. However, I am not a doctor (yet ha!) and can only base my opinion off of what I read and personal experience.  And my personal experience dictates a not too much too fast approach.

I am new to the art of recording workouts (I know, you didn’t expect that). From those that know me would assume I’d already be doing that…so surprise, I haven’t! But now I do, and you expect that 🙂

So in the 29 days of January that I’m writing this post, I

Ran a total of 65 miles and given my pace I’d say that’d be around 650 minutes, with only 4 of those workouts of 45 minutes or more. The majority of the runs were between 30-45 minutes, so more frequent shorter workouts to decrease stress.

Ran with friends 9 times.

Ran in my neighborhood 6 times.

Ran in the morning before school 7 times.

In total, ran 17 times.

Attended Pilates 7 times.

I like where I am at. Obviously, my frustration starts to grow when I push the time on the long runs and start comparing what distances felt easy in the past.

Jack Daniel’s Phase I called for 4-6 weeks of time. Since I didn’t start right where the first week of Phase I was for Intermediate (and I was between Beginner and Intermediate), I am going to give myself until the end of February.

At the end of February, I hope to increase the time of each run to closer to 45 minutes than 30, with working towards a more substantial long run distance. That’s it.

And because I got carried away while at the dinner table last night, here’s a fun one from last night.

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