That’s how my week felt. Prepare for the most random assortment of photos uploaded from my camera from the week.

Lawrence Hall of Science view after my Sunday Run

Superbowl eats!

Homemade Pizza


Gosh, I cannot wait until the three day weekend! I do not have my statistics class and I can finally catch up on things I’ve been putting off.

The week was quite busy, but absolutely wonderful. I apologize for the bulletpoint summary. This might have been my most packed week, but I am getting the hang of it so hopefully things will calm down after this weekend. I will be posting more about my return to strength training, along with the second post in my confidence series.

  • I got to catch up with a best friend and go out to see Blue Valentine with her in the city.
  • Lululemon Run club again on Tuesday! And other runs with friends on Monday and Tuesday.
  • THREE times strength training. Got my gymbition back.
  • Time spent with my youth groups
  • Getting the hang of my stats class and psych class
  • 9 mile run today! Pain free!
  • A couple good school days too.

Happy Sunday!

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5 Responses to Zoooom

  1. great superbowl food and AMAZING weather. can i come live there?! seems like a fantastic week for you

  2. Ted says:

    Great pictures.

    How did you make the pizza? Do you have a recipe and instructions to make the dough?

    Does all of the school and training mean no more teaching?

    • I got the dough from whole foods and used their fresh tomato sauce and mozz.

      And right now, I am still teaching, but this will be my last year. So there is a LOT on my plate right now, but somehow it is all working out.

  3. em says:

    I know, amazing weather right!? glad you got to enjoy a nice long run pain free too!
    BTW You won an award on my blog!

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