Confessions of a High School Science Teacher: part 2

When students find out that you lived NEAR new jersey, suddenly you know Snooki.

When students realize that part of you is Italian, suddenly you are Snooki.

I may have OD’ed on chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes you need to let the students sing “Sitting on a Dock” by Otis Redding to get through a block period.

When students realize your first name is Kerry, their first reaction is to sing Keri Hilson who refers to herself as Ms. Keri Baby.

Being on lockdown twice in a week, sudden fire alarms going off, or banging on your classroom door doesn’t alarm me. Spiders do.

The look on students faces when they realize I know Spanish might be the priceless look of the year.

I’ve already been asked to prom, and obviously declined.

I realized what audience those low budget horror films are targeted towards.

My locations of shopping are limited if there is a huge theater that students frequent.

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4 Responses to Confessions of a High School Science Teacher: part 2

  1. Tara says:

    this made me laugh! I can only imagine the crazy things high schoolers say/do these days!

  2. I can’t decide whether I love or am horrified that you got asked to prom- either way, I laughed!

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