Feb 21-27 Workout week

Weekly recap of workouts for the week!

Monday – ‘tempo’ run

A great 4 mile run with my friend Maddy. She is super fast and is a really great person to run and chat with. I told her that she is going to pace me when I actually run a half since she keeps the pace and I get pulled along. I put tempo in parenthesis because it feels just a bit out of comfort zone, but feel great nonetheless. We do a nice loop around Cal’s campus with some good incline and flat. I love running at night and with other people around. This was followed by an intermezzo salad and the Bachelor viewing. Quite a Monday ritual we have!

Tuesday – weights and run

I decided to hit the gym right after school. Since I hadn’t done weights in a few days, I did my 15 minute core routine – it is a combination of 30 second stints that I rotate and change depending on what I want to work on more. I, then, moved onto 15 minutes of legs. I do a combination of different squats, lunges, and bridges to equally work the hamstring, quads, and glutes. I also do some leg lifts and pilates style “clams” to get the outer hip muscles. My legs are DEAD by the end of this! Last was a 20 minute upper  body weight training. I did 3 sets of bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep extension, hammer curls at varying weights. Then, moved to work the lats and chest on machines designated for each. (I’ll get better at explaining the muscles and names of the exercises – promise!)

After the gym, I drove to Walnut creek to meet with the lululemon run group. I got to see Aron, Kristin, and Tara. I look forward to these runs on Tuesdays. Since the sun is setting a little later each week, they decided to take the group to the Iron Horse Trail. My legs were quite heavy after the strength workout (note to self – good move or not??), but I tried to keep up for the 5 mile run. I really love this trail and I found myself there again today!

Wednesday – easy weights and cross training

I went to the gym to do some core and cross training. I was surprised that my arms weren’t feeling sore and my legs were recovering. I really focused on some balancing exercises for my hips. This was an easy workout day because I didn’t run and I had just done a big day of weights the day before.

Thursday –run, spinning, and weights

I ran in the morning before work! I have really come to enjoy the before work runs where I get to process everything and mentally gear up for the day. It was a nice 35 minute run. After work, I went to a spinning class and did a lighter version of my weight training routine from Tuesday – core, upper, lower. I expect that in a few more trips to the gym, I will designate some days for certain muscles but right now I am trying to get a feel of weight training and how my body is responding.

Friday – off

I took the day completely off because I needed to study for my stats test which I completely rocked by the way!

Saturday – easy and weights

I went for a run before my test in the neighborhood, so another 35 minute morning run! It was COLD, but I layered and wore my gloves 🙂 After my test, I had packed a bag for the gym to do some core work and leg work. The core work was pretty intense, but I was careful of the leg work since I wanted to feel fresh for my long run on Sunday. I made sure to foam roll and stretch after!

Sunday – longer run

My running group met at Iron Horse Trail in Concord for a 9 mile run (well they did 12, but I am not training for their race so). Again, it was super cold, but we maintained a nice pace. It felt good to bring the long runs up in mileage.

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One Response to Feb 21-27 Workout week

  1. stacey says:


    i’m new to your blog but follow a couple other healthy living blogs regularly. i LOVE how you’re up in the bay (my hometown is near sj) and am now in San Diego finishing up my BS. it makes me really happy (but homesick!) to see your pics of the sights around berkeley, and a lot of my friends go to cal. it’s also always encouraging to see another church goer in the blog world! (i’m Christian).

    looking forward to future posts. 🙂

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