I feel like the one word that I predicted for this calendar year is already beginning to form – leap.

This past Monday I informed my school that I would not be returning in the fall. [Obviously, my administrators do not read my blog, which is a good thing.]

Yeah, I know. Big moves.

And it feels unbelievable.

I did not think that the feeling of uncertainty in what you do want to do with your life could feel better than the certainty of what you are currently doing with your life.

Did I lose you there? Let me rephrase. I have this feeling of relief in leaving what I don’t want to do for pursuing what I want to do.

Still confusing? Geez I’m struggling.

I’m free.  Well said, Sullivan.

Let me relish the feeling of this open path before the reality of a job for the summer needs to set in. Anyone hiring?




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4 Responses to Leaping

  1. i don’t think i could describe that feeling any better but i know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. this year i’m going to be taking a huge leap too and even though there’s absolutely nothing set in stone it feels so much better than locking into doing more of what i’m doing now

  2. You can always come and work and live at Forest Home for the SUMMER!!!

  3. Naomi says:

    this is me giving you a standing applause. i whole-heartedly admire you for doing this and wish i had the courage to do the same. if i can be of any help in what your next steps are, please let me know!

  4. Coach Stephanie says:

    You are going to do just fine Kerry. Taking beig leaps of faith is what faith is about. You know your talents, you know your friends and family, you don’t know how far you can leap and won’t know until you do. Go for it! Best, Coach Stephanie

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