Matchy Matchy

As I left for my run tonight, I realized that I gravitate towards matching my run clothes probably more than I match my everyday clothes. Maybe it is because I own more running/workout clothes then I do everyday wear. In fact, a full drawer and a half in my dresser is workout clothes. That is not even counting the box of cotton shirts that I’ve had to disown once wicking fabric appeared.

Anyways, these were the clothes I laid out for myself. I was so excited to wear my new Nike long sleeve dry fit shirt. I have one in bright pink that I LOVE and have worn in a few races. It is my go-to race shirt if it is colder! When I was out, I found this shirt on sale so decided to buy it. I love the length and the fact that it does not cling to me while running or when I start to sweat.

But tonight it got a little too extreme. I might need an intervention. Matching pink stripes. WOO.

Totally cheesing it in the second picture because I obviously do not know how to be photogenic with mirror/self portraits.

Whether my outfit was super matchy or not did not change the fact that it was so comfortable and I love these long sleeve shirts. I have a pair of these capris with blue stripes down the side and would have not been okay with wearing the two. Weird.

I also sported my new lululemon run socks that I received as a reward for getting to 25 miles with the lululemon run group. I chose black, because I don’t think I’ve ever owned black running socks!

Phew! I’m glad that I did not get the left and right wrong.

I am not a sock connoisseur, but they rock. They had a compression feel, but breathability. They are made with very little seem at the top of the toes so you do not have that “feeling” against your toes that sometimes causes blisters. When I put them on, I thought I wouldn’t like how high they went compared to some of my other socks, but it didn’t bother me. When I took my shoes off to stretch with my yoga mat, they did not slip but instead gripped the mat which definitely was helpful. Overall, what an awesome reward for only a few weeks worth of running! At 50 miles, I get another prize!

I forgot an all together look, but let’s just say my shoes are pink asic ds trainers.

Do you find yourselves matching your running clothes?? Am I the only one?

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One Response to Matchy Matchy

  1. Aron says:

    I have the short sleeve and tank version of that style of Nike top and LOOOOVE them. Its the best!!

    I actually am the opposite and try not to match sometimes 🙂 or I just wear a lot of shades of the same color (I do that with blue a lot). I love picking out my running clothes!

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