Spectating Weekend 1 of 2

A very simple question asking if anyone was running the Emerald Bay 12k turned into a beautiful day spectating and earning a nice $25 dollar Sports Basement gift card!

Sandra, Alyssa, and I braved the weather reports and headed out to Sports Basement in the Presidio to cheer on the runners and in turn, receive a $25 gift card. It had been AGES since I got into the city for a run, so we suggested running afterwards.

Last year, I ran this race and raved about how enjoyable it was. I wear the long sleeve shirt religiously around the house once I get home from work.

Last year’s shirt!

We met up at 8:30 to get ready to cheer the first runners. I hadn’t brought my new camera to the Presido yet, so I took some classic, obligatory AM bridge photos (untouched by me).

(Sorta kinda in love with this one)

Soon, Sandra and Alyssa were there and the race began! I got to try out my quick sports shutter speed to get some runner photos. Sorta kinda in love with this setting. I felt like a race photographer! HEY maybe I should do that next year…I’ll add it to my list.

I can make anyone look like they are flying. Then again, these were the front runners.

Without boring you with photos of randoms, let me show you the most amazing view that we got.

A rainbow under the GG bridge. Pretty amazing. Too bad, it was raining and I had put my DSLR away. That would have been the most amazing photo!

Two hours of spectating and I felt like I had ran some! We got our $25 gift card (a-mazing) and then went out for a 5 mile run to aquatic park and back!

The weather actually behaved and only a few times did rain clouds pour! A success of a weekend…Now, if the clouds could have held off for my 10 miler the day before!

I fear that I won’t have as many photos next weekend while I spectate since plans are in the works to run during the Oakland Half Marathon with Naomi for the last few miles! How fun!!

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5 Responses to Spectating Weekend 1 of 2

  1. Average A says:

    These photos turned out so great, Kerry! I LOVE the one of the front-runners.

    I’m debating about cheering at Oakland next weekend as well! I hadn’t thought about jumping into the race because I plan on making some sort of obnoxious sign, but do you know where you’ll be cheering from? I’ll probably take BART over, so I’ll more than likely be at one of the stops… perhaps I can find you?!!

    I’m so glad we got to run together & hope we can again soon!

  2. Naomi says:

    Those are some sweet photos! You ladies are to be commended for being out there to spectate in bad weather, I’m sure the runners appreciated it! Looking forward to Oakland!!

  3. amazing photos! it makes me want to hop on a plane RIGHT NOW.

    i love it when there are volunteers/cheerers like you at races!

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