Week 3/14-3/20 Workouts

Monday – Core, Arms, and 4.0 miles easy, 9:26 pace

Before running, I headed to the gym to do some core and upper body. Then, I met my friend Maddy at our usual spot and took off for 4 miles. She is a speedy one (and awesome!!). Our route begins on hills, then downhill and ends on flat road which I love because I have my momentum.

Tuesday – 3 miles early morning 10:00 pace, 3 miles evening 9:30 pace

I met up with a friend to run around my neighborhood. Since the time had changed, we realized how spoiled we were with the light out even at the beginning of our run! Back to the dark mornings : / In the evening, I ran with the lululemon fun run group at Walnut Creek. I was caught in crazy traffic through the tunnel because of the crazy rain, and ended up getting there late! Without even checking to see if they had left yet, I started running from my car. I was booking it, until I got to the turn around and realized that they were all behind me and hadn’t left yet when I thought they had. When I started running back, some people later in the group congratulated me because they thought I was really THAT fast…umm maybe they couldn’t realize it in the crazy rain! Either way, I earned my lululemon socks that night and enjoyed green beer – all on lululemon’s tab!

I wish I knew what the Race 2 Adventure in Equador was! They fixed the mix-up, but I still got a really good laugh when I saw that online 🙂

Wednesday – 6 miles hill workout, 10:30 pace

This one, sigh, this one killed me. We did all hills, which is great for some! BUT I’ve been instructed to avoid insane hills until my calf gets better. This lululemon group is started to get their act together and they have potential to make it a really fun event. I usually park a mile away and use the run there and back for warm-up and cool down.

Thursday – rest

Friday – core, full body, pilates

I had not been to pilates in awhile! I decided to stick to another no running day, but do more core work and some full body weights action before heading over the the class. It felt really good to take another day off since I had experienced some pain after the hill workout on Wednesday.

Saturday – 10 mile long run, 10:18 pace

I debated on whether to run this on Saturday or Sunday. Since I had made plans for Sunday, I decided that instead of breaking up the run, I should just do it on Saturday. The rain was crazy and it forced me to drive straight to Sports basement to buy a new Brook’s rain jacket!! I tested this out on Sunday and this past Tuesday and it is awesome! For this run, I parked my car where I usually do for the Tuesday lululemon runs then decided to do the Iron Horse Trail from Walnut Creek to Danville and back. I negative splitted on the second half of my run and was happy with the pace that I had. I admit that I’ve been doing a walk/run for my long runs, but will be phasing that out soon!

Sweet new Brook’s rain jacket.

I love that it is form fitting and breathable under the arms.

Sunday – 5 miles, 10:12 pace

I met up with Sandra and Alyssa for some spectating and running. You can read about that here!

Total: 31 miles


Thoughts? Really excited that I am back at this mileage. This is probably where I will hover around on average until I want to get into considerable training for a summer race – my thoughts gravitate towards SF Half, but don’t quote me :). Since I have Ragnar Relay in mid-April, I’ve been adding some double days, along with evening and following morning runs to simulate the 3 runs in 24 hours feel. These days usually are followed by a rest day or casual 3 miler.

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