Confessions of a HS science teacher: part 3

I get giddy with excitement when a student asks me a question and it always leads to the answer being about muscles and bones. [even though we ended that unit in October]

The favorite unit of the students, hands down, is the Digestive System. They get to talk about farts and pooh.

And as a result of talking about the digestive system, I am continually hungry because we all know that talking about food leads to our stomach thinking we are getting food. Holy March grocery bill.

When I told my students that I jokingly didn’t have a job next year because they already knew that our stomach has enzymes and acid, the class erupted in NOOOOOO what whyyyyy. —> crap, this is going to be difficult to say I’m leaving 😦

I stayed in last Friday night to read about the students narratives about the journey of the red blood cell and a small, tiny smidge of a part of me is going to mix that excuse to stay in – wait, I can still use my long run as an excuse…phew.

In order to get the students to envision 26.2 miles, I told them to imagine running to Chucky Cheese in Hayward and back. That was 23 miles. So I told them then to run around the lake after that to get 26.2.

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