Spectating weekend 2 of 2

A year ago, I ran the Inaugural Oakland Half Marathon and had a blast! I had already started this blog and only had it up and running for about 2 months. I cannot tell you how much I love the spirit that the Oakland Marathon brings to the city.

I had such an enjoyable weekend watching and cheering on my friends. Although I wished I could have participated, I also embraced the fact that I was a spectator, being a familiar, friendly face they knew during the race. I always look for and get an extra push of motivation once I see someone I know when running.

I cannot believe the convenience of this race. I admit that it is probably a hassle for people NOT spectating or running, but for someone who lives fairly close to lots of look-out points, it made for a really easy day. I slept in (a plus), drove and parked my car near lakeshore (4 minutes, another plus!), and walked over to grab a tea (another major plus!). I decided to station myself around the 11 mile mark/23 mile mark.

Lots of amazing individuals that I told I would be there! And I timed it right so that I knew around when I would start seeing them. I picked a spot where not too many spectators were standing so it wouldn’t be difficult to miss me. Then I started snapping pictures 🙂 What I loved most about this race is that I got to hang out with, watch, and cheer on people from all venues of my life – running club friends, friends I’ve met through blogging, very good friendships I’ve developed through Church.

Friends, Nick and John

Kristin and Steven

Lauren and Stephanie (above) who I met and have supported me since my first running endeavor here in the Bay.

Friends, Monica and Annie


Tara and Danica

I also got to hang out with Aron (but don’t have a photo of! boooo).

And one of the best parts was that the rain held up for us!! Congrats on finishing the race!

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3 Responses to Spectating weekend 2 of 2

  1. so fun. i heard it was a great race. unlike la the weekend before. 🙂 i haven’t been a spectator yet… i really want to, when i know some people running!

  2. Naomi says:

    you were my motivation. i couldn’t wait to get to mile 11 to see you; it was just the pick-me-up that i needed! thank you for coming out to support us!

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