Hot yoga fail

I received an unlimited free week of yoga to corepower yoga. About two years ago, I quickly dabbled in a bikram yoga class in Berkeley and was insanely intimidated, and embarrassed. I left feeling defeated and turned off by the whole hot yoga idea, thinking all classes would be like that. Instead of seeing if any other athletic, sweat inducing yoga classes existed in the Bay, I went with the more “fluffy” and “happy” yoga (two words that I’m sure are stereotypical, but let’s admit that those do exist). I think by only attending those, I was only a here and there customer. Yoga never really took priority because I always preferred, well, running.

After yet having another injury scare, I started thinking about other things that I could do that would give me a good sweat to pair up with my weight training. I had this free week card in my car for about 3 weeks now. Since I didn’t want to rush right back into running and I have Thursday off, I figured this was a good week to try it out.

I’m on day three of seven. Let me tell you about my yoga fail. Obviously, I did not think thoroughly when packing my gym back in the morning on Monday. Let’s see what not to do.

1. Forgot yoga mat at home. Do I even have a yoga mat? oh yes, you found it when you moved. Brush off the dust. So after the gym I drove home, grabbed it, and to the class with time to spare.

2. Left water in the car. This might have been the biggest mistake. I immediately realized it when I went to lay my mat out and noticed I didn’t bring my water bottle. The assistant (I’ve never had an assistant instructor, but it was a beginners class and she was adjusting everyone) brought me a cup of water. Hallelujah.

3. No towel. The woman at the front desk provided me with one, but I felt idiotic not realizing I was going to sweat.

4. No lock for the locker room. So I nervously tucked my phone into my wallet and had them next to me. No worries, I wasn’t the only one.

5. Weights. I did my complete upper body routine before going there. Let’s just say that during chatarunga, my arms were screaming.

6. Longer pants. Yes, the yoga pants that act as lounge pants don’t cut it in this sweaty place.

Thankfully that is it. But the learning curve is high. I corrected my errors and went back yesterday holding myself a little higher, that is, until my shoulders hurt from previous day’s workout.

1. Put my mat in the car.

2. Packed a full water bottle.

3. Brought a towel. Albeit, not the “yoga towel”, but it will do for now.

4. I put my belongings in the trunk of my car and just bring what I need for class.

5. Who wear’s short shorts?

The classes I’ve taken are a rhythmic, repetitive vinyasa flow – one was heated and the other was introducing us to the moves without heat. They were challenging, but easy to follow. The fact that we went through the poses a few times allowed me to notice my body loosening up and falling deeper into each pose. I sweated like a mad woman, but so was everyone else. The floors weren’t carpet (I’ve been to a studio where they are…hmm). Everything is incredibly clean and new.

Overall, I am really excited to keep going for this week. The actual pricing is on the expensive side, like most studios around here, but they have a teacher discount for the unlimited monthly package that I might save up for if I see this as a way to prevent injury. I even went out after a 3 mile run and it felt so good to use this as a post run “stretch”.

P.s. The tendon under my arch and along my calf is feeling MUCH better, but I still need to watch it to make sure it doesn’t get to that point again.

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