Hot yoga win!

There were always poses that I would get to when I attended yoga off and on that I wouldn’t attempt or complete.

I would say, “Next time” knowing full well that I did not know when the next time would be. I always complained that my upper body was weak. I couldn’t get into a headstand, full expression of wheel (upward bow), hold my legs up on crow pose, bend without hurting in any back bend, etc. You name it. I always had a mental excuse for why I wouldn’t keep at it.

Last night I attended my third hot yoga class. The class, oddly, was quite tiny. Maybe it was because it was SUCH a beautiful day out! So when it came to the poses, it was really hard to hide in the crowd.  It came time for crow pose and she asked, since there were only three of us, if we wanted to do headstands. One was already in one by the time she answered, go figure. So she looks at me and I say ” yeah, sure” (When what I really wanted to say was crap! I haven’t fully done one! I always get a headache. My arms hurt. crap! ) So I bring my mat to the wall and watch her get down to show me. Then I put my hand and head in a tripod and I kick my legs up. Wouldn’t you bet that they went up and stayed up. Here I am down a headstand. I haven’t done one since probably gymnastics in kindergarten. Win #1.


Then it comes time for bridge pose. I usually just stay in a bridge and not continue further into a wheel. I sometimes attempted a wheel, but my shoulders would never hold me up. I’d struggle, collapse and then surrender. Tonight, she briefly said, “You can continue into a wheel pose if you’d like or stay in bridge”. No one moved, until something came over me and here I am (who is this person?) placing my wrists by my ears, positioning my head and feet and BAM I push myself up. Yeah, I don’t know where that came from, but two moves in one night? Win #2.


I think Win #3 would be that my weight training that I’ve been doing regularly for two months is really paying off. The other times I went to yoga in the past, I never had an accompanied weight training program to assist the poses.


I have off today! This morning I woke up before 6 (again, who is this person?) and went to the 6:30 Yoga Sculpt class followed by a 30 minute Core Ryder class. I’ve never done morning yoga. Let alone yoga with weights. I felt pretty badass though knowing that when curling the 8 lb. weights that they offered, that I do 17.5 dumbbells at the gym. It still sure did get sore with the repetitions so I was put in my place 🙂 So what yoga sculpt does is go through a normal sun salutation flow a few times, but then adds weights to some of the poses. Actually really enjoyable and mixed things up. I know I’ll feel those squats and lunges we did. It felt more like a bootcamp at times, then would revert back to a yoga class. The music was awesome!

After, there was a Core Ryder class that uses the spin bike, but it moves! I’d read other posts about these bikes on other blogs and this was the first place I’d seen them and in a yoga studio no less! What a challenge! When we would have to turn, it was so difficult to engage the core, cycle and use the arms to turn.


I’m ready to enjoy the rest of the day!

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One Response to Hot yoga win!

  1. Naomi says:

    GOOD JOB on both poses! I have never done a headstand, but I felt a similar sense of accomplishment the first time I did a handstand. And both those classes sound like so much fun; I wish my gym offered them! Cool spin bikes!

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