Non-running challenge

5 days of consecutive hot yoga later and I’m still here.

A couple of observations:

1. Water consumption has SKYROCKETED.

2. Laundry reeked.

3. I started craving “cleaner” foods like fruits, and I felt more balanced in my eats this week.

4. Going pissed off into a hot yoga class fueled my workout better 🙂 I left that frustration on the mat, along with a puddle of sweat.

5. I unknowingly committed myself to one of those “challenges” that I’d always wonder, hmm why would anyone want to do X for Y amount of days? Now I know why.

Overall, my week with corepower yoga was amazing. My opinion of yoga has been challenged and I foresee incorporating this into my routine a few times a month. The stretching it performed on my tired muscles is no joke and I know that is exactly what my body is craving right now as it continues to repair itself. The instructors were so friendly. Since I had many different instructors, I experienced many different styles! I never felt bored in the class and felt challenged. If you have the opportunity to try out a free week of such a yoga studio (Corepower is in a handful of locations throughout the US, esp the west), then I would take advantage of it.

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