A night with the guys

Since Easter falls later in April, our school’s spring break is a lot later than it usually is. It conveniently falls at the same time as the Ragnar Relay that I am participating in, but nonetheless, a lot later than I’m used to. By this point in the year I am so beyond burnt out.

I knew I was busy but, nothing really got to me and I could just keep going with a smile on my face. A couple of days when I found myself getting late nights of sleep, not sleeping too well, and just constantly on the go can caught me off guard – that was this week.

Don’t get me wrong. I had a fabulous week full of wonderful times with friends, workouts that kicked my butt and left me sore, time with students and youth groups…but at the end of the night, all I could do was crash.

After my Tuesday night Lululemon run, I joined my guy friends for some Trivia Night at Pyramid Brewery. Yes, I totally sported my running gear and running hunger and was not ashamed!

Initially I got this response for the camera, but after a few beers, things were fine.

I was busy taking my pictures, while the guys worked hard on the answers. Occasionally, I would chyme in with my answer. I either know the answer immediately, or there’s no chance, unless it is a picture of a person.

We were tied for 1st in the last round and put our rally cap’s on.

And a squeeze for good luck.

But, we did not win 😦 However, we still won beers for being in the top three and will enjoy them tonight.

Evenings like these get me so excited for spring break. I’ll be sure to catch you up more this weekend when I have a chance to breathe. I’ve got some pretty exciting news once I can confirm things.

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