Running on faith: A play on words

The beautiful thing about writing a blog is to see the overall development of where it started and where it currently is. When I first started writing in January 2010, my baby blog was strictly running related. I wanted this to be a place where I could write down my workouts, gain advice, and see improvement. I chose the title of my blog because it had “running” in it. Now a days, it appears to be a play on words as running is still there, but more so having the faith that whatever will be will be and work out in the end as it should.

If you’ve been reading, then you know that I’ve had my share of running setbacks. I even took a hiatus from blogging when I stopped running, not because I didn’t want to write, but because my blog had been so running centered that I hated talking about “not being able to run”.

Although running is still an important part of my life, I find myself wanting to write more about pursuing your passions and making your life one that you can be proud of. I find myself constantly editing (adding or subtracting) from my life what truly gives me satisfaction, purpose and direction. For me, there is a huge transition involved and it is not as clear cut as changing jobs in the same field.

Eventually, I would like to write more about what I’m learning as I become certified as a  personal trainer, develop my photography hobby, maintaining friendships and contacts in an area you moved to on your own, apply for graduate school for physical therapy, and even how I make physical activity an important part of my day in the midst of change.

This is such an exciting time period of my life and I am even more thankful that I have the opportunity to document and share it with you.

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