Injury prevention Video

So, I decided that instead of writing about the exercises I utilize for injury prevention, I’d show you! Bear with me as this was really one of my first videos. I’ll be sure to utilize the help of a roommate next time.

The routine is as follows:

  • Clams – 20 on each leg
  • “Jane Fonda’s” – up/down, pulse and circles – about 20 x 3 on each leg
  • Inner thigh – up/down, pulse and circles – I do 30 seconds of each
  • Bicycles – 10 forward, 10 backward on each leg
  • Bridges – I hold poses for 30 seconds, then do about 5 kickbacks with each leg

I do this routine within my core routine about 4x a week. Whether you are injured or not, I still think this is a great quick routine to ward off any impending injuries.

Enjoy!! Also, the tensor fascia latae (TFL) that I refer to is NOT a tendon, but a muscle. It still gets super tight at the top of your hip, but I got my terminology wrong and did not want to misinform.

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