I hope you didn’t laugh too hard at my video!

Within the past few weeks, I’ve had exciting news to share but have had to hold off until everything worked itself out.

This summer I will be attending a Personal Training Certification Program and will be NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified. I had been thinking about the “when” of all of this for at least a year, but it never really became a reality until I decided to leave teaching.


I was about to take the test just by myself, but this program is so much more appealing. It meets every Saturday for 4 hours, 8 times during the summer at a local, well established gym. I was always hesitant on taking the test, becoming certified, but never having real hands-on experience with clients and different exercises that you are tested upon. I also do much better with a class and with other students asking questions, along with the opportunity to ask questions myself. As a result, this option (although more expensive than taking the test) works out well for me and what I hope to do.

So, if all goes well, by the beginning of August I should be on my way to being a certified personal trainer.

It’s happening. All of it.

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2 Responses to CPT!

  1. meganmumbles says:

    ahhh congrats!! That is really special!! Best of Luck!!

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