How I’ve developed confidence: sticking with it

I wrote a post earlier this year about developing confidence. I focused that blog post on how I’ve developed confidence while teaching. There are many, many places that in my life I’ve experienced situations where I have walked away with a higher amount of self-confidence then when I walked into that situation.

I never have discussed “weight” on this blog because it was never intended to be the focus of Running on Faith, but it must be known that for many years of my adolescent and college life, it was. Halfway through my first year of teaching, I realized that I barely went to the gym and I was not taking care of myself. My weight had steadily crept up and it was at a place I did not want to be at. When I went home during my spring break, we were over at my cousin’s house for Easter. I crept on the scale after having not stepped on one since I moved out West and was shocked by the number that was shown.

When I went back to California after Spring Break, I joined Weight Watchers. I remember writing in my journal how much I wanted to join a running group, but did not feel comfortable doing so. I felt very alone living in California and trying to teach. I told myself that if I made these necessary changes, that by the time summer started that I would be able to attend a running group’s meet-up. I knew that if I could get up to a few miles, then I wouldn’t look clueless or lost by showing up to a running group. Somehow, I told myself, somehow I would meet people here.

These successful changes of building up a little running and participating in the Weight Watchers program, successfully took off 20 lbs in over 3 months. To this day, that weight remains off. These small changes that I made in my life when things got real tough have opened up so many doors to where life has brought my today.

And what was different about this time compared to the past? I never believed that a number brought happiness. In realizing that this was only a small part that needed to change, I noticed that there were other aspects in my life that needed changing too.  I think it may have been the domino effect that occurred once I joined the running group and keeps occurring to this day. It was once I started surrounding myself with individuals who supported and encouraged me, the small shifts in my daily life became easier as more people, including myself, cheered them on. When I made that mental shift to change, I never knew it would be a permanent mental shift and two years later (and counting!) I still see the constant development and effort it takes to continue growing your self-confidence.

I am a big advocate for making small, positive changes in your daily lives that eventually lead to habits of a happier, healthier, and fulfilling life. I know that breaking free from the cycle I found myself in mentally and physically during high school and college is a very tough cycle to break from. And everyone has those moments that catch them off guard, threatening to bring you back to that place.

I believe that is why I can identify with so many people who are dissatisfied with where their life currently is and wants to make those changes in their lives – and one of those small changes is to become more active in a healthy manner.

As I said in my certified personal trainer announcement, it’s all happening. If you told me two years ago that this is where everything would take you once you made that change in your life, then I would have thought you crazy. That I would be encouraging others to lead healthy lives? For a living? Me?

Situations are used in our lives in crazy ways. To think that I went through all those ups and downs with self-confidence to come out with those personal experiences in order to be better able to relate with others.

I was never the fastest kid. I never placed in a cross country meet. I was never the kid who was constantly in the starting line-up. Instead, I was the motivator, the rallier, the one who tried putting in twice as much work to keep up, the “team mom”, and the one who never quit when everything surrounding me told me I should.

But you know what, I can tell you what hard work looks like and what can happen when you start putting that hard work into something you believe in.

Sometimes I wish that I had been the star athlete in high school or college  – doesn’t everybody? But then I think about all those experiences of failure and the work ethic I developed because of that. It has brought me to where I am today…years later.

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