Run, Drive, Sleep?, Repeat – Ragnar 2011

Let some jealousy ensue.

I just returned home from Ragnar Relay 2011 – SoCal! I took pictures mostly at the beginning and end of the race, also known as the BEACH! Along with my side trip to Carlsbad and Swami’s Beach.

As expected, what another wonderful experience and weekend.

 Huntington Beach – the Start. Our starting time was at 7am so we were on the road close to 5:30 am after sleeping over close to the start.

At last year’s Ragnar Relay, I ran through Huntington Beach. This year it started at Huntington, cut inland and eventually went through San Diego to Coronado Island. It was nice to see Huntington Beach again since, well, last time I was delirious and don’t remember much about running through there.

The sun shone brightly as our take off time got close! I love the orange and it was easy to see all the Ragnar exchange stops (minus the fact that there would be tons of people).

Our team name “Slow Motion to the Ocean.” Fun times decorating our van, but the real fun was seeing the other vans decorated – all 1,000 vans. There were 500 teams at this year’s Ragnar and it got PACKED at some places. Next sure, I hope they put a cap on the entries because it was a little much.

Lots of running. Lots of driving. But sleep was questionable. This year we “slept” at the Taylormade golf course in Carlsbad for about 2 hours. Interesting experience for sure.

Beautiful medal that functions as a bottle opener. Good deal, I’d say. Again, in love with the orange and this year’s shirts are awesome too. I just wore it for a run and it’s long and a good cut! Don’t you hate it when the shirt you get fits really weird?

Surrounded by old and new friends in our bright yellow SMTTO shirts

Now about my runs!

I originally was scheduled as runner #5, but was switched to runner #4. So, the legs I posted for you were wrong and instead, I ran 16 miles in a 4.4, 5.6 and 6.0 increments.

First run – 10am, 4.4 miles.

I started at Anaheim Angel’s stadium and ran inland through Anaheim along a bike trail.

The run itself was tiring as it was mid-day and hot. I used the sunglasses my brought got for me for Christmas for the first time and they rocked (and were a lifesaver!) When I finished, I was dead. I couldn’t help but think “Crap, two more runs.” In this picture below, I felt so nauseous.  I still managed a 10 min/mile pace which I was aiming for.

When I was done I was sure to work out my legs using the Stick that I brought from home.

I also used my creepy stalker moves and got a picture of Sione and Erik from the Biggest Loser who were on the Biggest Loser Blue team.

Not creepy at all. Top right corner. Ha.

Second run- 10pm, 5.6 miles.

I cannot really say much about this run because it was in the dark in the middle of nowhere as you can see from here. I ran along a bike trail again for most of it. What I do know is that my legs were on it and I felt a lot better (aka not nauseous). I powered through this one, right through Front Street in Temecula where there were tons of restaurants and bars packed with people. There were a lot of (good) comments and applause as each runner passed through. It reminded me of my run through Venice Beach last year. I pulled out a good 9:45 pace for this run!

Third Run – 10am, 6.1 miles.

As much as I’d like to say this run was awesome (I mean, look at the scenery), it was torture (look at the incline at the end). I knew I was in for something, but I wasn’t sure what

My body was done and after little sleep and no real food, I was happy just to finish! I ran along a bike path about two streets up from the beach and then cut inland along El Camino Real, through the horse race area. I climbed an insane hill that lasted 1.5 miles and was pretty steep. I passed off the snap bracelet and plopped down on the ground, calling it a day. 16.1 miles and 23 hours later.

I hung out along the beach on Sunday instead of turning around and heading home. I got a recommendation to go to Swami’s Beach. It was nice to not have to drive back home, but enjoy the sun for an extra day.

Another relay down. Another great experience. Now, I’m ready to think about summer races? ya!

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4 Responses to Run, Drive, Sleep?, Repeat – Ragnar 2011

  1. Naomi says:

    relays scare me, mostly because of the lack of sleep – but this looks like it was so much fun! congratulations – what a great experience!

    and btw – i love your stalker photos of the biggest loser guys. I would have done the same thing! 🙂

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