Packing for different conditions

When I was packing for Ragnar, I must say that it was a little nerve wracking to pack for three runs. I made a list of all the running essentials I’d want to have with me.

I first thought up all the conditions that I’d be in over the span of three runs.

  • Running in the heat 
  • Running at night
  • Running by myself
  • Running consecutively
  • Running without mile markers
  • Running in the sun
  • Running without energy

Since becoming a runner, I’ve narrowed down what works for me and what does not work for me. Surprisingly, what may work one run, may annoy the crap out of me on another. And most of the time, if possible, I’d run with nothing extra. 

So when I began packing, I remembered the different circumstances that I’d find myself in and prepared accordingly utilizing my bag of running accessories. Meet my team.

Circumstance #1: I’m running in the heat. I’m running in the sun.

When I am unsure of when water will be available (if water is available), then I make sure to fill up my amphipod handheld. I’ve utilized them in races too and although slightly annoying at times, I was thankful that I had water with me during those hot mid day runs.

I also utilize the ifitness belt if I think I’ll need to carry any sustenance with me. This time, since I didn’t need anything during the run, I didn’t end up using it. However, I am a big fan of these if you want something that won’t budge when running! I use this hat for many of my rainier runs, but this pulled through to block out the heat. I also had my Adidas sunglasses (they are in my car…I’m too lazy right now) that I tested out and they worked out perfectly. 

Circumstance #2: I’m running at night. I’m running by myself. I’m running without mile markers.

The Garmin 205 is one of my best friends. I am so happy with it and it is exactly what I need in order to calculate distance, overall pace, and current pace. I had my iPhone on me since I was running in the night by myself, although I do advocate for always having your phone on you!

Circumstance #3: I’m running with no energy.

By the third run, I needed some severe help in gaining energy. With the help of caffeinated Gu, this helped me out! The burst of energy was just what I needed.

Circumstance #4: I’m running consecutively.

One of the issues with running consecutively is that your body has minimal time to recover before pounding the pavement once again. I managed to fit the Stick in my bag and used it for after each run. I also brought my icepack with me that can stay in our cooler and has the ability to wrap around your knee. Since I was wary about how my knee would hold up, I used this along with ice cube massages even if there was no noticeable pain in that area.

 Question: In any of these circumstances, what are some of your favorite running accessories?

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