Stretch of the week – Resistance Bands

[Since I know that we are always looking for new ways to release the tension that our muscles are causing, I thought I’d start a series about stretching. If you’d like to write a guest stretch post, then email me at I will assemble all the stretches of the week in a page above!]

Resistance bands! 

One of the ways to stretch out those legs after a workout is to use a resistance band. I am always jealous of how far my sports medicine masseuse can move my legs. On my own, I cannot do that. Here is where the resistance bands come in. By just pulling on them, the range in motion that I am able to get increases the stretch and mimics what the masseuse is able to do.

Grab a resistance band and place behind your foot

Pull inward to decrease the slack in the band

First up: Hamstrings. Now by pulling on the band, bring your leg up while making sure your opposite leg, glute, and hip are firmly placed on the ground.

Pull back towards you. You can even reach your hands further up and bring your chest and shoulders off the ground to deepen the stretch. Release after a few seconds, and repeat. After a few rounds, the flexibility will increase.

Second up: IT band. With your hands still decreasing slack. Swing the leg with the band over the opposite straight leg, crossing your body. You will be able to pull it over your body depending on the angle that your leg has with the floor.  Try to keep both hips and shoulders squared on the floor.

Like the hamstring, pull and release a few times deepening the stretch.

Third: Adductor and Hamstrings. Bring your leg back up top, but this time let it fly to the opposite body as if you were trying to make an L shape with your stationary and moving leg.

Pull and release, really feeling it in the inner and back thigh.

I do this almost every time I am at the gym, even if I only did an upper body workout. I usually pair these stretches either before or after using a foam roller.

Have you ever used resistance bands? Any extra leg stretches you like to do with them?

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