San Francisco Half Marathon

If you remember last year, I stopped running after the See Jane Run Half Marathon. As much as I do not want to jinx myself by making any announcement, I cannot live conservatively. I’ve been wanting to run a race since I pulled out of two last year. Although I’ve done two relays, they have satisfied the “fun run” aspect and I’ve had a wonderful time.

I’ve been a spectator for a few races that I ran last year and I cannot help but remember participating in them last year. Better yet, spectating for races that I had signed up for.

In my closet, I have a San Francisco Half Marathon shirt that I cannot wear proudly (Honestly, I probably wouldn’t wear it at all. It’s not long enough, but that’s besides the point).

When I started building up miles in January, my target race was Ragnar Relay. Now that is finished, I can turn my attention to what I’ve really wanted to accomplish: another Half Marathon.

Last year, I took for granted how thankful I should be to train and race. I did not train effectively or as carefully as I should have.

I have 14 weeks. I’m working on a plan that I will share in an upcoming post. And I am committing when our Lululemon Run Club has their San Francisco (half) Marathon Registration Drive (with $10 off discounts!) in a few weeks!

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