Preliminary Training: Phase I

I had bought Daniels’ Running Formula last fall. I was diligent in reading the introductory, physiology, and season plan. Although I need to freshen up on the information he presented for each phases along with the training paces for each, I’ve settled on utilizing his training plan for the San Francisco Half Marathon.

Daniels sets up his training plan with four phases

  • Phase I: Foundation and Injury Prevention
  • Phase II: Early Quality Training
  • Phase III: Transition Quality Training
  • Phase IV: Final Quality Training

In his introduction, Daniels says , “When runners decide to get serious about training and competing, they usually make several adjustments. They increase their mileage. They run more regularly. They introduce some quality work into their current program.” 

Yes. Yes. and Yes. 

“But a danger in changing your training schedule in any of these ways is that you increase the likelihood of injuring yourself.”


This is why I can appreciate his Phase I: Foundation and Injury Prevention. It allows you to establish a base for a few weeks before moving on and introducing quality runs (Q1, Q2, and Q3 as he calls them). Those are reserved for the following phases.  I also appreciate this phase because it feels like a preliminary, but extremely important, time of training.

Beginning a routine of easy runs and a long run on the weekend is the stress of this phase, not increasing mileage every week, but every 3 weeks. “It’s a mistake to get caught up in letting mileage become so important that it dominates your training.”

So, how does he lay out his training plans? He has them sectioned off. First, a few chapters are for those who want to get in “overall fitness” shape, then it continues to show training plans for all lengths of races from a 400m to marathon. All of the plans are adaptable to your current abilities, since earlier in the book they have you figure out your paces.

Using his chart in the front, I figured out the time for each phase based upon the weeks leading up to the half on July 31st.

Four weeks of Phase I starts tomorrow!

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