My strength training sessions have gradually increased in time and I am finding myself in need of free time in the evening.

Solution? Recommit to a morning workout routine.

But the solution does not seem so easy. Especially when I was so dead set on it Sunday night, and failed miserably on Monday as I snooooozed and resisted getting out of bed. I faced the frustration of a busy afternoon and missing out on my strength workout, swapping it for a short run.

Now, that I am finding myself needing the afternoons after school to study for the GRE, complete my own personal class assignments, go for a run, or just in need of some major decompression time, I pledged that I would NOT let weight training be the first to go! So I needed to find time.

My take on becoming a morning person (again)

  • Establish the why? – Weight training is WORKING for me and I know I need to continue to progress and not slack off to 1-2x/week.
  • Another why? – So, I will wake up and tell myself that I will do it in the afternoon if it is so important. But, maybe there is something else that needs to take priority – like what I mentioned above. When I want to hit snooze (like I was SO tempted to both Tuesday and today), I remembered that I had other priorities in the evening and that it was now or never for the day.
  • Fail proof – I have my workout written and clothes laid out. By the time I convince myself I should go back to sleep, I could be on my way.
  • Tell others – I told a best friend of mine to ask me how my weight workouts went for the week. I was pretty proud to start this routine again and I know someone else would hold me accountable.
  • Make a routine work for YOU – I realized that I didn’t like the rush and go of working out and going RIGHT to work. Instead, I decided to wake up with enough time to return back home and enjoy breakfast at my house, then go. As a result, my normal routine is not suffering.  I missed making my coffee.

Question: What helps you get out of bed for a morning workout?

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2 Responses to Mornings

  1. If I ever wake up and want to push off the workout, I just remind myself how much I hate coming home to work out and how much better I feel in the morning once I’m done…after that little pep talk I can usually get up and get it done with! 🙂

  2. J says:

    Morning runs are tough especially when its still dark out. I don’t have much trouble getting out of bed in the summer but in the winter when its cold I really have to force myself to get up. As soon as my alarm goes off I throw off the covers and hop out of bed.

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