The good and the stressful

I feel like I have much going on, but doesn’t everyone?

Someone will ask me “What are your plans for the summer?” and I respond with “how much time do you have to listen?” or, “So I heard you aren’t teaching anymore. What are you doing instead?” My mind floods with a bunch of to-do lists, but an equal amount of excitement, so I thought I’d write a post about the good and the stressful of what’s going on – all by July 31st.


  • The good – I got a job! It will be working with high school and middle school ministry with the Church I’m currently helping out with advising junior girls. I am really excited to become more involved and happy I can utilize my experience with teenagers.
  • The stressful – It is only part time. Part time here barely pays rent, but it is the best part time job ever! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for other opportunities.


  • The good – how many days left?
  • The stressful – cleaning out my classroom and figuring out what to do with everything!


  • The good – Getting back into a training plan! I’ve been secretly wanting to do a race for so long, so it feels good to finally call a race a target of mine. SF Half Marathon is July 31st and I’ll be registering on May 10th with others from my Lululemon Run Club. We are having a registration drive.
  • The stressful – Avoiding overdoing and re-injury. I get little aches (everyone does), but I get hypersensitive about little ones that I feel before or after running, even if they do not affect me while running.

Prerequisite Classes for Physical Therapy

  • The good – I am ending my two classes I’ve been taking this semester – Statistics (Final on SATURDAY!) and Abnormal Psych (finish with assignments, waiting to schedule the final).
  • The stressful – The last two prerequisite classes I need will start up once school ends and I’ll take in the summer.


  • The good – I started studying! I got re-motivated for it when I went to an information session for a local school’s PT program and saw other applicants. What can I say? I’m competitive.
  • The stressful – It’s the GRE.

Personal Training Certification

  • The good – I know that by August I will have my certification and could begin applying to Personal Training jobs.
  • The stressful – …Another exam. (Although, unlike the GRE, Anatomy and Physiology are my thing!)

Despite the list I just created, things are wonderful. I’m happy. It is just a lot to take care of in a shorter amount of time. Although I’m always on the go, it is with a smile on my face.

Question: What is the good and the stressful about something going on in your life right now?

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