Week 1, Phase 1: San Francisco Half Marathon

I’m afraid that the first few weeks of Phase I are not too exciting   – lots of short runs, but for consistency and to refer back, I am going to post these weeks anyway! See if you see theme with where I went running…

Monday – 3 miles, Lake Merced, Pace: 10:00 min/mile

I had a UCSF/SFSU Physical Therapy information session, which is conveniently situated right to Lake Merced. The only thing convenient about getting there was the Lake. Everything else was normal bridge traffic. I wore my running clothes like I always do there and went for a 30 minute run before walking onto campus and proceeding to sweat in the information session. Maybe I looked intimidating?

Tuesday – Chest and Triceps, 3 mile with Lululemon Pace: 9:20 min/ mile

Morning lift session focusing on Chest and Triceps. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do 45 minutes of core and lifting, but I found myself rushing towards the end. In the evening, I went to Walnut Creek to run with the Lululemon Run club. I think I’m getting close to my 50 mile prize!

Wednesday – Lower Body, 4 miles at Lafayette with Aron, Pace: 10:11 min/mile

Morning lower body strength training that later came to bite me when I went running with Aron. I got a text from her asking to run and it was definitely the motivation I needed to shake out the acid built up from the morning lunges and squats.

Thursday – Shoulder and Biceps

Morning lift session of shoulder and biceps. I really appreciated breaking up the upper body since there are so many exercises I want to try for each body part. I didn’t run in the afternoon so I took the day off.

Friday – Rest  – Completely. I bought new running shoes instead! Will tell soon.

Saturday – 3 miles, Lake Merritt, Pace: 9:50 min/mile

I got up before my Saturday morning class (last class!) to relax a bit before taking the final. I drove to the Lake and it was gorgeous outside. In fact, all the runs this week were great weather!! After my Stats class, I got in the last weight session of the week – Back. With a couple days since shoulder and biceps, there was no soreness to report!

Sunday – 6 miles, Berkeley Marina, Pace: 10:20 min/mile

I’ve been reading a lot about the pace of a long run. The training plan calls for a slower pace (in fact, it should have been about 20 seconds per mile slower) and it was difficult at time to dial in on the pace I should be running. Either way, Berkeley Marina has a couple beautiful views of each bridge in the Bay Area while the rest of the route was pretty dull. Oh well, first “long(er) run” on the training series.

Total Miles: 19

Runs: 5

Average Pace: 10:00 (on the dot!)

Strength Training: 4x

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One Response to Week 1, Phase 1: San Francisco Half Marathon

  1. Kerry, it sounds like you are off to a good start. Which half are you running in SF?

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