New Shoes

With a new training cycle, comes new shoes.

Actually, this isn’t always true. Just this time. What can I say, I am excited about San Francisco!

Meet my Brooks Adrenaline.

I’ve been running in Asics DS Trainers. As much as I love my trainers, I was going through them too quickly and feared they were the source of minor aches and pains.

I’ve taken them on three runs so far – 2, 3 milers around the lake and my 6 miler this Sunday. So far so good – I am pretty particular about running shoes, since they are the most expensive shoes I own. (Not a shoe person.)

Today, I took them to Lake Merritt after school. The Lake is a perfect post-work 3 miler that I need during Phase I. I was sure to bring my camera because I’ve always wanted to photograph afterwards.

There are better shots towards the north end of the lake, but seeing as my car was further away from that I took the lazy route and got the west side of the lake!

So far so good!

Question: Are you loyal to your brand of shoes? or do you jump around?

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2 Responses to New Shoes

  1. There’s nothing better than new running shoes! I’ve been sticking to any of the neutral Mizuno’s lately and they’ve been great…recently bought the Precision which are their lightest neutral shoes. I like them so far!

  2. Kristy says:

    I’m a VERY loyal Brooks Adrenaline wearer! I’ve been wearing them for 10 years! I have the exact same pair you do.

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