Week 2, Phase 1: San Francisco Half Marathon

Monday –  3 miles, Lake Merritt, Pace: 9:00 min/mile

I drove to Lake Merritt after work, after changing into a tanktop and capri pants since it was getting a bit warm out. Lake Merritt has a subtle breeze so it was a quite enjoyable run. I am really loving my Brook’s shoes – so much that I took fun pictures of my shoes against the Lake.

Tuesday – Workout A and core, 3 miles, Lululemon Fun run, Pace: 9:36 min/mile

With everything, there’s a learning curve. In an attempt to increase strength functionality, I’ve been reading “The New Rules of Lifting for Women”. It has prescribed routines that they call Workout A and B which alternates 3 times a week. They have different stages and at the end of the stage, Workout A and B change.

Workout A: Squats w barbell 2×15, Push-ups 2×15 (gah!), Lat Row (2×15), Step up (2×15), and Jackknife (2×8)

For lululemon, I had some of my fun run partners back. Sima and I have both been on the upward swing of feeling some aches so it was great to get back out there. We ran with Kristin for a bit, before she continued on with the 5 mile group.

Wednesday – 3 miles, Lake Merritt, Pace: 9:00 min/mile

The conveniency of this run is perfect for right after school. I change quickly and before I know it I am in my car on the short ride to the Lake. I brought my camera again and was sure to capture the other end of the Lake (shoes included). I love the Grand Lake Theater sign in the background!

Thursday – Full Rest Day

Friday – Workout B and Core

Workout B of New Rules of Lifting for Women: Deadlifts (2×15), Shoulder Dumbbell press (2×15), Lat Pulldown (2×15), Lunges (2×15), Swissball Crunch (2×15)

Saturday – 7 miles, Alameda Bay Farm, Pace: 10:28 min/mile

Oh the wind!! That’s the first thing I thought about. A couple of women in my group were running the See Jane Run course and doing 12. I turned around at 3.5 to get in my 7 for the day. The first 3.5 were run with a girl who was doing 20! So the pace was kept nice and moderate seeing as she had 17 left and I had 3.5. It was a great morning, but the wind definitely slowed things down. I’ve missed doing Saturday morning runs due to my Statistics class that ended last week.

Sunday – Workout A and Core

I wanted to run today, but knew that I planned on running MTW this week. Instead, I completed the first week of New Rules of Lifting for Women and headed to the gym for an early lifting session. Since I usually run on Sundays, going to the gym was a nice change of routine. I realized how nice it was to go when hardly anyone was present and could enjoy my Sunday morning.

Total Miles: 16

Runs: 4

Average Pace: 9:40 min/mile

Strength Training: 3x

Overall: I decided to cut back on the weights to give some recovery time this week. In doing so, I felt ready and eager for each session. I decided to maintain mileage for the week (actually, it appears I cut out a day of running – oh well). It felt like a well balanced week, which I can appreciate.

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