Simple is better

When stress begins to creep up in your life, sometimes the simpler set of workouts are the best.

There is no denial that my personal life is busy. With the load of finishing up school, classes, and job searching, fitting in exercise should not be another stress that is added. Being aware of your limits is key.

In my “real life”, I know my friends and family recognize that a lot is going on and they may feel the need to put a GPS on me to make sure I do not commit to anything else. However, I have the privilege of hearing what my mind has to say about this all and the mental shift that has occurred over the past 5 months is dramatic and necessary.

Yes, my response is long winded when you ask what I am up to. “How’s the job search?” “When are classes done?” “What do you have going on this weekend?” And my response can be complicated.

But the day to day motions that I find myself undergoing have a meaning and purpose which makes the craziness bearable.

This morning when I decided to listen to my body and forego a scheduled gym routine, I know I needed to stick to the simple and go with my intended plan of a 4 mile run and not try to add on last minute (do you catch yourself doing that too? adjusting your planned workout to make it more complicated?) The catch was that I found myself in the city during the afternoon and didn’t know when I’d get my run in.

Crisis averted: I brought a change of clothes and running shoes with me and set off along my favorite route – Presidio!

This run will never get old. I limited myself to 4 miles to the base of the bridge and back. I parked my car in the Presidio and took to the path along the water, stopping along the way to take some pictures. I forgot my DSLR at home before I left for the city, so this time I will deal with my phone pictures. I promise some great ones in the future of this area, especially of the sneaker prints in the sand!

Total: 4.0 miles/39:11/9:47 min/mile

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4 Responses to Simple is better

  1. ellen says:

    Where do you run in the Presidio?

    • I started a little past Sports Basement and ran along the water towards the bridge. The headwind was kinda crazy and I felt like I was running backwards, but I knew I’d get wind either way so why not make it in the pretty direction! I went all the way to Fort Point under the bridge and turned around back. If I remember correctly, it was a section of Emerald Bay 12k. I’m running at Sawyer Camp this weekend. Will you? I love it there.

  2. What a gorgeous route! Good luck with everything – I know what it feels like to be pulled in a billion directions and feeling like you’re just go-go-go without an end in sight… it’s exhausting! Sounds like you’re dealing with it well – let those runs help you 🙂

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